I’m seeing a lot of complaints from fans about faves not getting enough airtime and/or soaps dropping stories, and here’s what I have to say about that: Be careful what you wish for.

GH has the biggest cast, so naturally it gets the most complaints. Rather than being grateful that GH now showcases a slew of beloved veterans, some people complain that they don’t see them enough. You’d better hope GH doesn’t listen to you because if they ever did tighten up the cast and just tell 3-4 stories at a time (like other shows) your faves might be the ones to get fired.

How should a soap even approach paring down the cast? Should they fire people by salary? Number of Twitter followers? How big a pain in the ass they are on set? No matter what the show did, a big portion of the audience would be unhappy because soap fans never agree on anything. That’s the great thing about Daytime. For every fan saying “Go Britt!” there’s another one yelling, “Take her down, Liz!”

Digest cover of Robin’s last exit in March

Digest cover of Robin’s last exit in March

Personally, I would watch Luke, Tracy, Scotty, Lucy, Bobbie, Anna, Duke, Felicia and Mac every day, because I am a child (ahem) of GH in the ’80s. They are like dysfunctional family to me. But if my characters took over the show, who would go? Sonny/Carly? Alexis/Julian? Nikolas/Britt/Liz? My new favorite couple Ned/Olivia? Or, God forbid, SPENCER?

Oh hell, no.

I feel the same way about Y&R. I’m all about oldies but goodies Nikki, Victor, Jack, Paul, Chris, Lauren, Michael, Neil and Jill right now. (Forgive me if I don’t invest in new characters until they’ve been around for a while.) But YOU might like Summer and her new felon of a husband, so I’m willing to sit through your people to get to mine. Are you?

I also like it when Traci and Ashley pop in and out, as do most Y&R fans. So why do GH fans get so mad when Robin does it on GH?

Kimberly McCullough returned this week as Robin and the complaints started immediately: “If she’s not coming back to stay and be with Patrick, don’t bring her back.”

Since when does any soap character ever “stay” in a couple on soaps? Kimberly McCullough has made it quite clear she does not want to work full-time on GH, so Robin will come and go until she eventually brings back a recast Jason (Billy Miller?!) and then takes off again when she realizes Patrick is happy with Sam or whoever it is by then. Isn’t that better than killing her? Fans went mental when GH killed AJ. I can’t imagine the outcry if they killed 30-year core character Robin Scorpio.

Compare GH’s myriad of tales to B&B’s two stories at a time. Right now its Hope/Wyatt/Liam and Brooke/Bill/Katie/Ridge with a sprinkling of the occasional new character and/or horse. Yes, B&B is only a half-hour show but I’d still like to see what Thorne, Taylor, Eric and Donna are up to. And isn’t it time for Aly to find out that her “dreamy” new boyfriend Oliver once knocked Aunt Brooke up against the side of a house and had sex with her?

B&B is more consistent, while GH has more surprises. Y&R tells stories with more long-term core characters, while DAYS drives one story at a time (Sami!). To each his own, soap fans.

My advice to GH-ers is to sit back and enjoy the Round-Robin (get it?) of ten or so stories until your faves swing back around. Because trust me – even just one day a month of [INSERT FAVORITE CHARACTER HERE] is better than none.