All this Y&R backstage drama is not a good color on anyone.

It is no one’s business why Y&R chose not to pick up Michael Muhney’s contract option after five years of playing Adam Newman. Obviously, something happened behind the scenes that had serious legal and HR ramifications for at least two of the actors. It affects their careers and should not have been leaked.

Soap Opera Digest 1/13/14

Soap Opera Digest 1/13/14

This is nothing new on Daytime, or in the entertainment industry. Bad things happen backstage, and actors get fired all the time. What’s new here is that Y&R was not able to keep this confidential to protect their actors, or frankly, their brand. That’s too bad. Some fans went mental on social media possessing none of the facts, leading to a feeding frenzy that was harmful to all involved. No one could speak on the record about what happened since it’s a legal matter; the gossip spiraled.

Here’s me: Do you like Y&R? Then watch it. Are you disappointed in the direction the storylines have taken? Then don’t. But stop going after various actors on social media when you don’t have the facts. Legally, you can’t have them. So leave it alone.

Personally, I don’t think fans really WANT to know if their faves are jerks. Or alcoholics. Or cocaine addicts. Or cheat on their spouses. Or abuse their spouses. Or open their robes just enough to flash the young female extras. Or have Alzheimer’s Disease. Normally, the show keeps it quiet and the actor cleans up their act or gets fired. (Or in the case of older actors with dementia, get quietly phased out.) Once in a while, an actor beats up an ATM machine or drives drunk or gets caught in a crack den and the arrest goes public. Is that negative information really conducive to you enjoying your show?

Each of the remaining four soaps works very hard to put out a product that they can be proud of, and we can enjoy. Backstage problems hamper that effort. If an actor can’t be reined in, they need to be let go. This includes their behavior on Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I find Twitter as entertaining as most of you do. I enjoy reading actors’ takes on their shows, projects, lives, politics, sports teams. But Twitter is a double-edged sword for some people – like Michael Muhney.

Regardless of what happened backstage at Y&R, Muhney was clearly divisive on his show, and on Daytime in general. How do you think the GH cast and crew felt when Muhney trashed Tony Geary (Luke) after he won his record 7th Emmy for Lead Actor?

“Some old guy who has won a bunch of Emmys wins again? Is that really what soaps need to grow a NEW audience? We need new judges’ panels.”

– Michael Muhney on Twitter, June 23, 2012

Imagine if he had written that about Jeanne Cooper, who worked right up to the end at 84? Like I said, not a good color.

I recently ran into a guy who worked crew on an east coast soap. We got talking about the old days, and I asked him what was the most surprising thing he saw in 20 years working on Daytime. He replied, “The time we got the call that BIG NAME had been arrested in the mens’ room at Grand Central Station for soliciting young boys.” Even I hadn’t heard that one, and I am SO glad. Aren’t you?!




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  • TY Fredericks says:

    OMG! Leave Carolyn alone! It’s only her opinion! Dear Carolyn…I have loved loved you for years! I wait patiently for the mail person to deliver my SOD and then quickly read your article first. I always love ur opinions…you are a goddess in my eyes for speaking your mind on things others won’t. You are a champion of soaps and there aren’t many or really any others that get me excited about soaps. You make me proud as a gay man to say I LOVE and NEED my soap operas. We need more people like you who aren’t afraid to say that emperor is not wearing clothes! And Carolyn, u brighten my world and I want to thank u for love and devotion! Love & Light, TY don’t happen to have a gay brother I could marry ( I live in California where it’s legal ) I would really dig it to be ur bro-in law!

  • Debbie says:

    Honest a comment from you on this doesn’t surprise me you never liked the Adam character anyway. I quit watching because I was in a dark place myself and allthe darkness on Y+R I didn’t need. thought I would go back after a time. Well I have tried and cant go back and this mess now with MM. I thought he was a great actor and when they made him the “bad” guy again. I thought ah come on writers this is stupid. Now I dont watch and I am thinking of quiting my daytime tv mags because they sugar coat most everything anyway. I have watched from the beginning of Y+R but I doubt I will go back. I want love in the afternoon not all this darkness.

  • not enough MM says:

    I’m going to go one further, Caroline. I have stopped watching shows that minimized or eliminated favorite actors of mine over many years. I think it’s good that MM’s fans are trying to keep him on the show. If they didn’t make this clear, and just quietly left, how would anyone know that it was because they love and support MM? As far as these abuse accusations go, as you yourself imply, it comes with the territory. I don’t think show business is going to clean its act up because of this. The poor kid was used to crucify MM but her own career will probably suffer just as much as his. I don’t want the show to end either. I can’t wait to see what the excuse is when another talented actor has to go toe to toe with Eric “one-note” Braedon. Because they will have to hire someone with a lot of talent to replace Michael Muhney as Adam.

  • Mary says:

    Don’t just look at the fans and call foul Ms. Hinsey – take a look in the mirror. Those that report on the soaps as well as some misguided fans have created this situation. Before you cast aspersions .. y’all might want to look in the mirror.

  • Sharon Donahue says:

    Well I guess I am an awful person b/c after appreciating Carolyn’s message I keep trying to figure out who the BIG NAME on the East Coast soap was years ago! That said, we do not know what occurred and if any or all of the allegations are true regarding the actress involved and MM. MM said enough to damage his career and the opinion his colleagues had for him just by being himself. And I am an MM fan.

  • Rick says:

    Carolyn Hinsey wants it both ways — she wants to report backstage dirt when she sees fit, but doesn’t want fans to report it or talk about it.

    The Hedda Hopper days are gone, and Hinsey needs to rethink her 1950 mindset. Fans don’t want to know what’s going on??? Has she SEEN the thousands of internet sites reporting on celebs and media personalities? Has she SEEN the message boards? Has she SEEN Twitter?

    And no, there’s no difference in fans of soaps and fans of movies, primetime tv, and music.

    Hinsey is also a hypocrite, throwing in a blind item at the end. I have no words.

    Carolyn, it’s sad that you want to be the only one who reports what’s going on and want to shut up everyone else.

  • Annie says:

    The actors are more than happy to get good publicity in the soap mags and on Twitter and other websites and media outlets, but when something negative happens that’s suppose to be off limits and we’re not suppose to be interested?

  • Bev says:

    so mr grand central station gets busted for soliciting young boys , I’d like to know Carolyn , did mr grand central kept his job after this happened ? Chances are he did and it was swept under the rug and kept quiet. Therefore protecting this perv? Michael is being accused of something and is under a gag order while the cast continues to bash and harass him and his fans. This should never have been revealed , this incident that supposedly happened is going to put a mark on both HK and MM. The whole cast and crew should be under a gag order . This should never have been out there and really MM should sue the pants off everyone involved. They are all BULLIES!!!! Greg rikkart, wow buddy you really need to put a lid on it if that was your life people are gossiping about you would be livid as everyone else would be if they were in MM shoes! Ok so you guys didn’t like him fine but really grow up act your ages you are not in high school people you are in this thing called” life” . You people work on a soap opera … Seems to me your reel life drama bleeds into your real life ! Unreal these adults here are acting way worse than some children! They are attacking fans as well … Time for the bullies to be shut down and told to smarten up do their jobs and stop picking on others! Just crazy. The younger cast such as GR , EH, CK … You guys are in your thirties right ?? Seriously CK you have a kid would u want your children to be bullied? GR you fight for gay rights … But you are a bully trash talking all over twitter. As For EB ,ED,DD ,KSJ you are all veterans and the only person who made any sense talking was KSJ. Still they all have opened the can of worms and it’s very hard to respect these people . I’m 31 years old have watched yr since I was 5 years old and my mother for the whole duration the show has been on. So disgusted with the cast and their BS !!! MM deserves some peace as well as HK. No one knows what exactly went down. We may never know but these bullying tactics have got to stop from all sides! Act your age not your damn shoe size ! Going to be tough watching the show knowing these guys are being jerks to everybody who dares to disagree with them on social media. You guys are gonna sink your boat so quit while your ahead!

  • Jennifer says:

    Shame on you, Carolyn Hinsey. Shame on you for taking rumour and innuendo and gossip and reporting it as fact.

    The CRIME Michael Muhney is accused of is horrendous. It is a smear to his reputation, and it can never be erased. In a court of law, he would be found “not guilty” – never innocent. And if he didn’t do it, his detractors will never believe his denials. He walks with that smear for the rest of his life. He is now considered a predator.

    And on top of all this, his former co-stars – some of whom he may well have considered friends – are washing his dirty laundry in public. With friends like these…

    You’re damn right I’m not going to watch again. The joy that show gave me over the years is gone. In its place is bitterness and disgust. I don’t know any of these people, but I can form opinions about them, and make an informed choice not to consume their product.

    • Rebecca says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The writing on Y&R has been going downhill for years. Now it’s not just bad, it’s downright depressing. Firing MM was the just last straw for me, and I was going to stop watching after January 30. However, I am SO disappointed in the abysmal behavior of several of the cast, I can’t even watch their scenes any longer. I started to fast forward through scenes with: Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas Scott, and Doug Davidson. I really tried to hang in, but took it off my DVR on Monday. That’s probably a good thing because now there are two more actors (Greg Rikkart and Kristoff St. John) whose scenes I’d be blowing through. Each and every one of them needs to learn to STHU and keep any issues they have with their fellow actors (current or former) to themselves. Adios, Y&R.

    • lee hager says:

      Oh, how sadly I must agree with you.

  • wolfy says:

    I have a lot of questions since all the brouhaha started, especially over an alleged “leak” at with an anonymous post from someone who states they were “in the know” about this whole ordeal.

    When nothing is said by the big guns (TPTB), then rumors, speculation and innuendo galore burst onto the scene as fans and co-stars ran with it. No one has said whether or not it’s true, and the ones who can aren’t talking, or may now be gagged, according to yet another tabloid web site, which, to be honest, may finally be a truthful item. It may be in Muhney’s contract that he can’t say anything, but if it’s until the end of the contract that he signed with CBS, that won’t be until about March of 2015, as he signed a two-year contract with them about March of 2013. That’s an awfully long time not to be able to speak out, and since we know a career can be made or broken in seconds in today’s media-besot world, the poor man’s done for, whether he’s innocent or not if this is the case.

    Hopefully someone in power will finally make some kind of statement. It needs to be done, if for no other reason than to quiet the rumors and such against both Ms King and Mr. Muhney. BOTH are being beaten to death in the media by the others’ fans, and this should NOT be so, in any way, shape or form.

    I doubt that Mr. Muhney, who can be awfully snarky on Twitter and outspoken about the industry, but an amazingly sweet person in real life, really did this. He has waaaayyy too much to lose (family, wife, career, reputation as an amazing actor to fans).

    In my personal opinion, to quote the Bard, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…”

  • Jessica says:

    Ms Hinsey…you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. It is so-called “journalists” like yourself that feed into the negativity and fuel the fires of an already explosive situation. You are nothing but an incessant gossip and are no better than the crazed “fans” you speak of.

  • Jenn says:

    Great article Carolyn! Sadly the situation with Muhney has gotten way out of control online. I can’t help but think that there must have been a way for the show to have handled this situation better than it did. This is certainly a situation where it’s nobody’s business.

    That being said though can’t you a least confirm that Mr. Grand Central Station isn’t on a soap anymore?

  • Your buddies says:

    You’ll probably not post this, but I resent your article because you’re big twitter buddies with two people who have been very snippy about Michael Muhney – Greg Rikaart & TV guides Logan.

    Plus, you quoted a tweet that is NOT in Michael Muhney’s time line. So why use a quote that was old, and frankly has nothing to do with this situation? Because you too are trying to get fans against Michael Muhney. You people are acting like you’re still in high school and saying anything at this point to win.

    Every “new” article & post that comes out proves this is a well played smear campaign. HR business that they had no right to know, because Every employee including ex employees have rights.

    We don’t care if Greg and others didn’t like working with Michael, we did not need to hear about it. All this information came out from his ex co workers, and if they kept their mouths shut (like they do with there own personal business), this would have eventually died down. However, they continued to attack a man who has said nothing and it only shows they want to destroy him.

    Their defense for slandering Michael is that the fans are being mean to us. As any lawyer will tell his client who acts stupid – so what! So what, if the fans are upset, these immature (and not young) actors should act their age and not be involved in ANY gossip. They accused Michael in the past of talking, but they’ve surpassed anything he has ever done.

    Personally I’m glad he’s gone from that toxic environment.

    • lee hager says:

      The sophomoric behavior of the actors/actresses who have criticized MM is so childish, immature, and down right bullying that I can’t believe the PTB wouldn’t put a muzzle on it. If he did this quite unforgiveable deed, then he should have been fired, but their incredible nastiness makes one wonder if “thou doth protest too much.” Why can they tweet such ugliness, and yet, the parties involved are left powerless? Such a double standard.

  • Judy Neal says:

    Enough bashing Michael Muhney I’ve met the man and he was wonderful and gracious. He loved Y&R and spoke eloquently about its history and made you want to watch its future. The pile on is getting too obvious. I’ll no longer watch the progam once he’s gone.

  • Douglas Futch says:

    I have been a devoted soap fan since I was 5 years old, watching with my grandmother. In those days, Robin Strasser was Rachel on “Another World,” Susan Seaforth (not yet Hayes) had just started as Julie and the Bill/Laura/Mickey triangle was in high gear with Susan Flannery playing Laura on “Days of our Lives.” One Life to Live” was just starting with Gillian Spencer playing Victoria Lord.

    Suddenly, one day, there was a “new” Rachel (Victoria Wyndham), played by the woman who used to be Charlotte on “The Guiding Light!” And Viki was being played by some upstart named Erika Slezak. Then, the UNTHINKABLE happened and suddenly Mary Matthews and Steve Frame both died on “Another World,” and shortly thereafter, one day, the announcer said “The role of Alice Frame is now being played by Susan Harney.” My BELOVED Jacqueline Courtney was GONE!

    Around that time, I was TOTALLY invested in Brad Elliott and Leslie Brooks’ tortured love on “The Young and the Restless.” Brad was trying to get Leslie to leave him because he was blind. FINALLY, the day arrived when Leslie and Brad were going to talk. Janice Lynde started the conversation with Tom Hallick, and then, when the conversation kicked into high gear THE NEXT DAY, “the role of Leslie Brooks is now being played by Victoria Mallory!”

    To top it ALL off, by the time Michael Horton found out that Bill was his father, not Mickey, Susan Oliver was playing Laura, not Susan Flannery.

    I am a HUGE Michael Muhney fan. I love his work and his Adam Newman is masterful. But my point is that actors come and go . . . even actors that are seemingly irreplaceable or invaluable to their show. But the shows go on. Soaps are about more than a single actor or character. For every Jacqueline Courtney that is unjustly dismissed, there is a Beverlee McKinsey to come around and keep you riveted to your seat.

    “The Young and the Restless” will go on without Muhney. It will survive even if Eric Braeden leaves, just like both “Days of our Lives” AND “The Bold and the Beautiful” have survived Susan Flannery leaving. Yes, I will miss Michael Muhney, and yes, I wonder if we really have the full story, but seriously, folks, let’s remember that our shows are more than a single actor.

    We need to continue to support the remaining shows on the air, or they will go the way of all the others that are no longer on the air. Backstage politics is one thing, but the rabid and unreasonable reaction of some fans makes me embarrassed to be a soap fan.

    Let’s all just enjoy our stories and move on.

    • Kathie moon says:

      Well said!

    • Debbie says:

      Eloquent commentary on the current and past soap opera comings and goings. I think the difference in today’s world of social media, however, we become much more “acquainted” with the actual people who play these characters. I , as have many others, follow Michael Muhney’s quips, snarky comments, comical commentary, family posted photos, etc. I have read about his kind treatment of fans, and hard work for the pancreatic cancer cause.
      I am reluctant to believe that the man I have followed for years not once, but twice groped a young starlet on the show. Really?? He would sacrifice not only his career but his beloved family? Have I mentioned he is also a member of Mensa? Does this sound like the actions of a supposedly “intelligent” man.
      I have read the stories, heard the rantings of his arrogant egotistical co-star (who himself is quoted as saying he can’t even be bothered to learn the first name of anyone he works with until they are on the show 10 years ) and have come to my own conclusions.
      Michael Muhney got a raw deal. Unfortunately he did not kiss the right “veteran” actor’s ass and suffered the wrath.
      I do believe that he has the talent to succeed, and I wish him much success.

    • lee hager says:

      No, no, and no. I have watched Y and R through many recasts, and I am appalled that “Victor” can do whatever he wishes w/o consequences. “Billy” in the role of Billy Miller has left, and his character cheated on his wife. “Sharon” has been destroyed as a sympathetic character. MM is gone, and if in real life this actor did the unthinkable, I will not rue his demise in that role. Then one must mention the loss of Michelle Stafford; seriously, people, this show is a goner. I mourn its loss, but that is “what it is.”

  • Lisa says:

    The soap fan in me feels this situation is harming the genre as a whole and wishes the drama would remain on-screen, but the attorney in me finds this situation increasingly fascinating. I will toss in my disclaimer here: this is NOT a legal opinion nor intended for use as one. Running through the possible scenarios and potentials for liability of the different players puts my brain into overload. As you said, most of us “possess[] none of the facts.” And those who do are not talking, and with good reason, in my opinion. But this is where I think you really hit the nail on the head: “What’s new here is that Y&R was not able to keep this confidential to protect their actors, or frankly, their brand.” The question I most would like to see answered, regardless of the truth of any allegations against MM, if actually made, is how did such a confidential human resources matter find its way to the media and the public?” It seems to me that the greatest harm to all involved has come from the public disclosure of a story that may be truth-based, may be wholly falsified, or may be some shade of gray in between the two extremes. It is my sincerest hope that Y&R, CBS and Sony thoroughly investigate the matter, find the internal source of the leak and/or spreader of misinformation, and let the head(s) roll accordingly. Just my two cents.

    • lee hager says:

      Oh, my goodness, your legal expertise makes a great deal of sense. Leaks and, oh more leaks, make this such a volatile situation, and I must say, an egregious one.

  • Allison says:

    First of all, I don’t think you possess any facts, either – just rumors and hearsay. Second, this article totally sounds like it’s anti-Muhney – as a journalist, you should be a bit more objective than that. Did you really have to go through his tweets and drudge up a quote from 2012? Other actors have tweeted much worse than that, but you had to find the one negative tweet from Michael Muhney’s account? That clearly is showing that you are trying to fuel the fire and make him seem like a negative person. I have met Michael on several occasions he is the kindest, classiest person. He is not arrogant as people have described him. It has been said that he has a big ego, and not only has he admitted that he sometimes walks with a backpack full of hubris, but I am willing to bet that 99% of the other Y&R actors also have big egos. Your article just joins all of the other articles that are out to bash Muhney without having all of the facts, you just tried to disguise it as a story about “backstage drama.”

  • louisa says:

    I want to know exactly what’s going on. The more these Y&R actors talk, the more interested I get. And I don’t even watch Y&R.

    You totally contradict yourself when you drop a bombshell that a “BIG NAME” was arrested for soliciting young boys at Grand Central! What purpose does that serve? Sounds like you are trying to stir something up. All kinds of horrible images are going through my mind. Let the speculation begin!

    SOD would be much more successful if you stuck to the facts, instead of dropping hints and bending over backwards to protect network PR.

  • Daisy Day says:

    At first I was upset over the MM firing which according to his statement had more to do with internal issues rather than what was eventually revealed. From what has been published and leaked; the firing was justified which I’m sure was thoroughly investigated by the network and show executives and their legal representatives. They are not going to leave themselves exposed to what could amount to millions of dollars in compensation and legal fees if there is no justification for opting out of renewal of his contract or terminating, whichever the case is.
    What is appalling to me is the lack of support for this young woman that was sexually molested and bullied by a much older married man. This is the reason why so many women opt out of filing sexual harassment and mental/physical abuse charges against co-workers, friends, partners and spouses. I think is disgraceful to see how many women disregard the abuse she endured because he happens to be fairly young, good looking and a good actor. It demonstrates how many women suffer from low self esteem and lack of good judgment.
    My support and sympathies are with this beautiful and talented young woman. My gratitude to everyone at Y&R that have gone against the tirade and threats of some fans and are supporting this young woman who happens to be the victim.
    Thank you, Carolyn Hinsey for your valued opinion.

  • Danielle says:

    I don’t understand a lot of the things that go on with the super fans. Like the ones who harass everyone over their favorite couples. The idea that anyone would harass that young girl over this is appalling to say the least. I was sorry to see MM go myself but I am not losing sleep over something that has zero to do with me personally. It’s just a show. I have seen lots of people come & go over the years & somehow, life manages to go on.

  • Christian Calvani says:

    Are you a journalist or a flak for the largely bad managers of these shows and uniformly bad executives of these networks?

    • Annie says:

      Sounds like SPIN control…ANd to answer this blogger’s question. YES we the fans deserve to know why one of our favorite actors was abruptly removed from our show. The character of ADAM NEWMAN is pivotal to Y&R’s future! NO ONE CAN PLAY ADAM like MICHAEL can. Furthermore his contract did not expire, he was FIRED! ALL we have gotten is rumors and innuendo.
      Michael Muhney remains innocent until there is a trial or until he comes out and admits culpability. Woody ALLEN had sex with his adopted 12 year old daughter, then married her. That didn’t hurt his career much! Michael wa fired because co-stars like ERIC BRAEDEN were jealous of his acting abilities, to hell with the fans who cares what we want! The show goes on you say? We shall see what happens after both ADAM and BILLY are gone.

      • lee hager says:

        Oh, my goodness, your legal expertise makes a great deal of sense. Leaks and, oh more leaks, make this such a volatile situation, and I must say, an egregious one.

  • Candy says:

    So who is the actor with Alzheimer’s disease that Carol mentioned

  • Erica Wilson says:

    Yes, I do want to know. Not about every minor infraction an actor makes in daily life, but you bet I want to know if some guy is chasing after children in a public restroom! As a consumer, I consider actions and attitudes of those from who I purchase product. . . and watching a TV show is a purchase. My viewing may be paid for by the advertisers but my decision to watch is primary to their purchase. IF Michael Muhney did what is alleged to Ms. King, I do not want to support his behavior. But as events unfold, I am less and less convinced that he did anything of this type. I don’t know the guy and this does not affect my life in any way except that I won’t be recording a show that I intensely dislike simply to fast forward to the scenes with MM. His performance attracted my attention one day when I left the tv on after the news. I was hooked by his ability to convey so many emotions without a word. I will in all likelihood follow him to his next project UNLESS I see some evidence of truth to these allegations. I was actually afraid that someone would learn I was watching a soap!

  • Susan says:

    Enough already..ok..really? Is this an appropriate title for an article that continues to feed into negativity towards MM? Obvious there is a bias get in the last word. Whether right or wrong, whether guilty or not, you clearly spun your take on the situation, then being hypocritical and stating enough already. Follow your own rules.

    • Telina says:

      I think you have misread Hinsey’s words. She is saying that ALL shows have their problems including actors misbehaving and getting into trouble. She is saying that the things that go on behind the scenes should stay behind the scenes. She is saying that if you like a show, then don’t stop watching it because of some internet rumors and backstage drama. What Hinsey said about Muhney is true, which is he ADMITTED HIMSELF. He stated in the HuffPost interview that he had been, at times, kind of an asshole. She did not say she believed the recent rumors surrounding Muhney. You need to calm down.

      • lee hager says:

        No, perhaps you need to calm down. The situation with MM is, to me, the proverbial straw. Perhaps that is the case with many other longtime watchers.

  • Christina says:

    Well said. I am so tired of soap fans threatening to stop watching shows on social media or message boards over every little thing they don’t like. If an actor or actress leaves and they mean THAT much to you, then please exit quietly with them. Threatening the other cast members, producers, etc. and saying awful things about them online is in bad form and not productive. You do not know these people. Get a life.

    • Christian Calvani says:

      I have been a devotee of the daytime drama genre since I was a young child.I remember high quality story-telling.People stop watching because incompetent show managers,and idiotic,unqualified network executives make bad decisions and give us barely watchable plot-driven,implausible stories.

    • lee hager says:

      Oh, my goodness, your legal expertise makes a great deal of sense. Leaks and, oh more leaks, make this such a volatile situation, and I must say, an egregious one.

  • thank you Ms Hinsey! So tired of some of the fans and their nasty comments. I like MM too but the show will survive without him, just like it has so many others before. I’m deeply saddened and horrified that there is more concern for an actor/roll then there is for a young Woman and the real probability that she had been assultated, bullied and harmed! What are people thinking!!??

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