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We kicked off the new year by releasing the first three episodes of Tainted Dreams on December 30 via Michael Logan’s column in TV Guide (click here: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Tainted-Dreams-Soap-1075062.aspx). That was a little earlier than planned.

“We held a viewing party in December for the cast, crew and a few friends. Even though we are still in post-production, several people suggested we give the fans a sneak peek,” explains Creator/Executive Producer Sonia Blangiardo.

Fans had some questions (and comments!) after the surprise release, so here are some answers:

Are Adam (Grant Aleksander) and Peyton’s (Marnie Schulenburg) scenes too steamy?

Are Adam (Grant Aleksander) and Peyton’s (Marnie Schulenburg) scenes too steamy?

Q: This seems like a lot of sex for such a short episode.

A: You’re right. “We wanted to establish the couples on the front end so that if they break up fans know who started with whom,” explains Blangiardo. “Grant Aleksander’s character, as the executive producer of Painted Dreams, has no business being in bed with Marnie Schulenburg’s Peyton, the young starlet of the show – much less marrying her! That’s a big plot point going forward. There’s more drama and humor – and less sex – in subsequent episodes.”

(For a complete list of all the TD actors with their character descriptions, click here: http://tainteddreamstheseries.com/about-tainted-dreams/characters/)

Q: What’s with the language?

A: “We had long conversations about how ‘realistic’ to make our backstage soap opera,” shares Blangiardo. “The truth is that swear words fly all day long when taping a soap. The scene where Kelley Hensley’s character [Veronica] catches her husband Walt Willey [Gregory] having sex with Natalia Livingston [Liza] felt like an appropriate place for the ‘F’ word. Especially since Natalia plays Kelley’s daughter [in Painted Dreams]!”

Q: Is there any reality to this backstage drama?

A: Yup. Much of the behind-the-scenes drama comes from actual scenes witnessed by Sonia and/or myself during our combined 42 years (!) working in soap operas. Larkin Malloy’s character of the inappropriate director Henry is a direct copy of a man we both knew. When he grabs Bobbie Eakes’ chest in the episode labeled 102? That actually happened to an executive we both know well.

Q: Where can I watch the rest of the episodes and how long will they be?

A: “We are trying to maximize our distribution options for our viewers,” responds Blangiardo. “All of Season One has been filmed, so we’re meeting with entertainment executives now. The length of future episodes will be decided by where we end up. We hope to have an answer soon.”

So, stay tuned… and thanks for watching the preview!

6 Responses to Tainted Dreams Questions Answered

  • Karen Tharp says:

    show Walt Wiley the actor always appears as a class act. So handsome at
    his age. Eye candy for women over 35 years.

  • Kiki Smith says:

    Great to see familiar faces, but that is about it.

  • Rich says:

    I knew someone would start to complain about sexual content and strong(i.e. adult)language on a series made for the internet. These are the same people who complained about the adult content on AMC/OLTL when they went online until Prospect Park bowed down to them and “cleaned up” the shows,causing them to lose thier edge and realism. I really like what i saw of this show and hope it doesn’t “clean up”. I like watching these guys act like humans and less like the FCC/network restricted robots we see on regular daytime tv.

  • Carol says:

    Were these sneak peeks just clips? They called them episodes but they were very short, some only 10 minutes.

  • Ally says:

    If you read the character descriptions on the website it makes it easier to know who each person is. http://tainteddreamstheseries.com/about-tainted-dreams/characters/

  • Chris says:

    The initial episodes were good but i spent most of the time thinking “now, who is that?” Didn’t feel we got a proper introduction to any of the characters before we (literally) jumped right into bed with so many of them. A slow build to all the revelations would have done well….

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