On Friday, December 13, the cast and crew of Tainted Dreams gathered at Blondies Sports Bar in New York City to watch the pilot episode and the “sizzle.”

Sonia with Michael Lowry and Alicia Minshew

Sonia with Michael Lowry and Alicia Minshew

“The ‘sizzle’ is the five-minute reel we put together to sell the show to various outlets,” explains creator and Executive Producer Sonia Blangiardo. “It explains who the characters are and outlines some of the plot.” How was it received? “Really well,” smiles Blangiardo.

The party was supposed to be for 50 people, but 130 showed up. “That’s a good problem to have,” laughs Blangiardo.

Present were TD stars Alicia Minshew, Austin Peck (with his wife Terri Conn), Michael Lowry, Nathan Purdee, Ilene Kristen, Colleen Zenk, Larkin Malloy, Anthony Wilkinson, and special guests Florencia Lozano (Tea, OLTL), former ATWT honcho Chris Goutman, OLTL costume designer Susan Gammie, and Digest Editor Stephanie Sloane, among others. (Look for exclusive pics in an upcoming issue of Digest).

“It was fun to see how everything pieced together,” says Minshew, who plays Angelica, the senior producer of Painted Dreams which is the soap-within-the-soap. “It was hard to watch myself with all those people around, but I’m really proud of how it came together.”

Any surprises? “I didn’t realize how funny Austin [Peck] was when we were filming,” responds Minshew.

“Everyone was saying, ‘I want to see more,’” adds Peck. “Kelley Hensley [who plays volatile soap star and closet drinker Veronica] blew it out of the park. It was very smart of Sonia to start out with that – it hooks you.”

Minshew’s husband Richie Herschenfeld (who owns Manhattan restaurant/club Prohibition) was interested to see what his wife had been up to during all those long soap shoots.

“I’m so used to seeing her as Kendall, and Angelica clearly isn’t Kendall,” smiles Hershenfeld. “I could have done without seeing her make out with Michael Lowry, but he’s a good guy so it’s okay. I can’t say I blame him. My wife looked hot.”

“I was hot all right,” quips Minshew. “It was so humid during filming that my giant hair took over the screen!”

With filming now finished, the next step for TD is color correction and scoring the music for the remaining episodes – and finding a place to air the series so fans can see it.

“All I can say about that right now is that there is great interest, and we are working hard to find the right home for Tainted Dreams,” says Blangiardo.

Do fans really have to wait until the deal is DONE?

“We’re thinking about releasing a lengthy sneak preview early to give fans a taste of what we’ve been doing,” reveals Blangiardo. “They’ve been so supportive of TD and all our actors. I think they deserve it.”

I agree… do you?


4 Responses to Tainted Dreams Sneak Preview!

  • Johnny G says:

    I would like to see it, especially since I am so bummed at the on-line version of ALL MY CHILDREN not returning, at least not in the near future ~ it would be nice to see some familiar actors in a new project. I wish them all the best and it would be nice if we knew when to watch for it and where.

  • Margarita Verrelli says:

    I can’t wait to see it, because all my favorite actor are in it ,and my son’s girlfriend MEAGAN, is also in it..,,

  • marva says:

    I need a soap fix bad……. LMAO

  • I can’t wait to see Tainted Dreams. I love all the actors and the soap sounds very exciting!!!!!

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