I recently asked on my Facebook fan page (Carolyn Opinion Hinsey) what topics people would like me to blog about. The two overwhelming responses were Y&R killing Delia (already done for a future “Opinion” column in Soap Opera Digest) and what’s happening with All My Children.

I go back a LONG way with AMC in New York. Here are Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley) and Finola Hughes (ex-Anna/Alex) with me at a charity event at Blondies in the 1990s.

I go back a LONG way with AMC in New York. Here are Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley) and Finola Hughes (ex-Anna/Alex) with me at a charity event at Blondies in the 1990s.

Let’s review: AMC started taping the reboot on February 25 in Stamford, Connecticut. The resulting 40 episodes began airing on Hulu and other sites in April, and were later picked up by Oprah Winfrey for her network OWN for a “summer fling.” Currently, there are no new AMC episodes airing and none in production.

So, let’s start with what’s NOT happening with AMC

There is no official start date for Season Two. Originally it was August 12, then October 21. That’s today, and no one is filming.

Major actors like Thorsten Kaye (Zach) do not have signed contracts for Season Two. This is why many of them are auditioning for other jobs – actors need to work. I wrote in my last blog that Thorsten had meetings in L.A. when he filmed The Stafford Project, but I couldn’t tell you then that one of them was with B&B. Thorsten is the new Ridge Forrester; he starts filming tomorrow in Los Angeles. (I’ll write more about that in a future blog.) Another beloved AMC actress also recently moved to L.A.

No one wanted AMC 2.0 to succeed more than Thorsten Kaye, but he has a family to feed like everyone else.

Most behind-the-scenes people haven’t been paid since filming ended last spring, either. This means that they, too, are job hunting. “It’s week 17 of the 8-week hiatus….” wrote one talented staffer on his Facebook page last week.

Any fan who says the hard-working people involved with AMC and/or OLTL are being disloyal by taking other jobs must be independently wealthy and should step forward to fund Season Two themselves.

Which brings us to the question of “What’s happening?” In my opinion, no one wants to go on the record about what they may or may not know, because everyone involved with AMC 2.0 wants it to work. As frustrating as the lack of information is for fans, imagine how hard it is for the employees of the show to not know what’s going on. Everyone is clinging to the hope that no news is NOT bad news, and that a revised start date for Season Two will be announced any day. Expressing any doubts about that publicly in the press (or on Twitter etc.) is not helpful to the goal of seeing AMC on our screens again.

“It’s nice to be part of something that has so much possibility,” Thorsten told me when filming started in February. “This is the future.”

So, let’s all keep hoping that it still is.


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  • Hello there! This blog post could not be written much better!
    Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He constantly kept talking about this. I’ll forward this
    article to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a very good read.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Gary says:

    Are you Pine Valley Bulletin/Carolyn?

  • Carle Wells says:

    I have been watching All My Children since 1970! I starting watching it with my mom who has passed and I have been watching the show ever since. Then it was only a half hour show at that time on ABC. Through the years I have become like a member the family of All My Children. I remember when Mona , Dr. Taylor and his son Chuck and many others. Nick, Erica’s Uncle, and Erica at around 20 then. I miss Cliff and Nina, Palmer and Daisy, Greg and Jennie, Tad and Dixie. and Jessie and Angela. Many, many others as well. Please, this to me, is the greatest soap opera of all time. Of course the others are well done as well. Cady McClain sent me a signed autograph of her and I treasure this as the best thing I have ever got. I have it displayed on my computer Stand at the top. God, I love you so much Dixie and I will always be your fan and friend forever. Whoever is in charge of this show would have to be crazy not to put it back on. And get most of the original stars back as well. God please, I pray in the name of Jesus, that someone gets this show back on and get it running again. Thanks for letting me express my opinion and for the love of God please start the show again. May the love and grace of God be with all of you today and everyday forevermore. Carle Wells

  • carmen shawver says:

    I prayed amc would come back and was so happy when it did,it was better than ever.i dont ssee how they can bring it back then take it off just like that,its not fair to amc fans. Thank u

  • Thomas Simon says:

    Prospect Park showed us how they could take our beloved soap ALL MY CHILDREN (after being savagely brutalized by Brian Frons reign as head of AC daytime – who choked the heart and soul out of one of the best soaps that ever was – ON PURPOSE!!) , and breathe it back to life, filled with dignity, class, and love!
    But when they dropped the initial promise to air four new episodes a week, down to two, I ‘smelled’ trouble! The pacing of the shows was written for a traditional weekly day viewing, but changing the delivery of new shows by half damaged the dramatic impact of storylines on viewers. And then stopping to take ” a hiatus” with no credible ‘season 2’ date, feels like the final ‘nail in the coffin’ for an initial online AMC that showed so much promise!
    Personally I would even enjoy an internet season 2 of AMC that changed to the pacing of the original series that Netflix offers. I suspect this might not appeal to other longtime viewers that want ‘the daily fix’. But I think some of those old fans are not being realistic about the realities of the changing face, format, and platforms for delivering entertainment in today’s world.
    Finally, I think it is painfully obvious that Prospect Park simply does not have the money to produce/deliver AMC in the way they intended when they brought it back to life ; however, I wish they would get some investors on board to give it another shot (enough money to put out the 4 new episodes a week or the revised 50-60 minute show that moved with a much faster pace). All My Children can still stir up a loyal following, if investors could get solidly behind Prospect Park! Oprah….. Are you reading this?? Please be AMC/ Prospect Park’s ‘hero’!!! And many fans of the original Oprah Winfrey show for so decades, would be MOST grateful!!!

  • Kate says:

    I think if PP can get it together, they should combine the two soaps into one fabulous soap. Both soaps have great actors. I am an AMC fan but would welcome OLTL actors. Great writing is what is needed. Unfortunately, not everyone is into the Internet watching. I love it. Programs…anytime,anywhere. Old habits die hard.

  • Frankie Hoornaert says:

    I miss AMC and OLTL so much! I will continue to think positive that these beloved soaps will be returned to us. After all the years of watching them, they have become a part of my family.

  • Marilyn says:

    These shows are part of so many people’s lives. Can’t believe someone won’t pick them up. Soap net shows old episodes but only from the last few years and now they are being repeated. It would be great to see the new shows in production again, however, there are forty years worth of shows out there – why can’t we see them?

  • Louisa Hewitt says:

    It’s so disappointing. So much waiting. I still blame ABC for turning their backs on loyal fans and AMC crew.

  • Harlan Speegle says:

    Every day shows aren’t on results in people changing habits! So disappointed!

  • UD says:

    Thanks for the info. What annoys me are the comments about AMC and OLTL not profiting as much as they expected. I watched every episode on Hulu, watched the ads, clicked on what is relevant to me or not, posted comments on Hulu, Facebook and Twitter and watched the More shows. What else did they want? Did they want us to subscribe to Hulu? If so, they shouldn’t have offered it for free and required us to buy Hulu subscriptions. Or asked us to support the shows in that way. Don’t turn it around that we weren’t watching.

  • David Kimball says:

    Hoping someone at PP gives us something as far as information. We are all hoping for both of them to return but we need an honest, open communication about the future of our fave shows. If there is something fans can do, for God’s sakes, tell us. We got a wonderful tease of both, and savored it. And now, again, future is uncertain. Holding out hope in Denver.

  • sarah says:

    And One Life To Live too. I want them both back please. Hard for me to watch on Hulu, was watching on the Oprah network and then she cuts off in mid Sept. but not finished!

  • linda day says:

    i really want to see AMC continue…..I have loved that soap since 1970 when it first started…….. the characters are like family………………….

  • NIKKI says:


  • johnson says:

    such a shame that both soaps went off ABC in first place and they had head honcho putting them on cutting block he had a agenda and know one knew then they went online which I thought it was save until all the fighting with ABC and guess that is why pp can not do anything right now ABC has lots of money to and lots of actors involved need to feed there family’s so I understand why they have to go on other soaps it is not about loyalty at this point they just need jobs and as far as pp does not look like they can go on with just so sad to see two soaps from many years gone and yes I would watch soap people go to new soapsngood idea some one should come up with new soap that would be nice

  • Ann Marie says:

    I’m not on board with the new All My Children, sorry. As a huge Tad and Dixie fan, I was happy and satified with their happy ending in 2011. I have been invested in this couple for over 20 years and I was so happy that AMC gave them a happy ending. If Prospect Park messes with that, I’m going to be really pissed. I don’t feel secure with this show at all. Never did. The chances of all the actors coming back and being on board is a long shot. If Dixie takes up with Dr. Anders and then the show gets canceled and never comes back I would feel like Prospect Park robbed me of my T&D happy ending after 20 years! So just leave well enough alone. I want nothing to do with this new show. It’s not secure, it’s not solid. I choose to always love AMC, remember the show fondly and that’s it. Let’s stop beating a dead horse here.

  • Ann Izzo says:

    I have been a loyal fan of AMC since I was 16 years old. I am now 51. I was very upset that AMC was taken off of the television. I got all excited when it came to Hulu and I have watched every episode and was excited to watch every one. I got all excited when it was said when Season 2 was coming. Now finding out it may not happen has gotten me all upset. I have not watched the show that took AMC’s place and don’t plan to. BRING BACK AMC..

  • Meg Needler says:

    The longer you wait, the more fans you’ll probably lose.

  • Lori says:

    I wish it would return, I am soo wanting to see it again, and I miss every one, before it went off this last time, they where about ready to bring Tad back finally, I don’t understand that we the viewers are always left hanging, it drives me nut’s. Please get it up and running again, I miss every one. Love all

  • Nathan Winslow says:

    I do hope it will return. I’ve watched All My Children since the early 1970’s. I have very fond memories of the show.

  • Debra Zacek says:

    First AMC goes off the air… we wait forever for its return to the internet…NOW were STILL waiting????? The worst part is.. nobody is saying if its staying or not!! We (the fans) HATE to be kept in the dark!!!!

  • Tammy Olmsted says:

    I have been watching both AMC and OLTL since I was very young. My mom was a die hard fan of both soaps as she was a stay at home mom. When I got home from school I used to watch with her and watched when there was no school. As I grew into an adult I watched faithfully and now I feel as though I have lost parts of my family. I miss both soaps and loved when they came back online. I truly hope things work out and they start filming again soon.

  • D. says:

    I am looking forward to both All My Children and One Life to Live to return to production soon. They are new frontier.

  • Mary says:

    I need my show. Praying All My Children will continue. I don’t even mind the one hour a week thingy as long as it continues. Miss all of you. Hopefully we hear Hiatus is over and everyone can go back to work.

  • susan cange says:

    I think from a fans perspective it is disappointing. we hope it returns but I think we had to put those shows in the back of our minds. pp had our hopes up very high and we should not have done that till we saw it in front of our eyes. I think the fans do believe that everyone is working hard to get it back on the air but for now its just a dream. thanks for everything you have done for alerting the fans on the comings and going of these two shows but it may be a thing that we have to put on a shelf in our minds like we did all the other soaps that have come and gone before us.

  • Vicki says:

    I am so unhappy about the restart of season 2 not happening. I’m not surprised because we were warned…… I still have a tad of hope and will watch when and if it returns….. Always a soap fan!!!!!!

  • Chris says:

    Do the OLTL actors don’t have contracts for season two either, Carolyn?

  • pam says:

    i miss AMC and OLTL so much… i wish they had just left it all alone it was just fine while it was still on tv everyday … we could still be seeing our regulars that we didnt get to see when they had the reboot… now who will be left if they bring the shows back… i hate when people miss with a good thing…

  • Jenn says:

    Great article Carolyn! As much as I would love to see these shows back (again!), at this point I just want everyone to find new work. I can’t imagine wait 8 weeks to work again only to have that 8 weeks turn to 17 weeks and then some. I know the cast and crew really wanted this to work but with the run around that PP is giving them and audiences, I’m not sure I want to continue to support. This can’t look good to potential investors.

  • Angela says:

    Carolyn I agree with you 100%. I am a fan of all abc soaps since 1970 and when Frons canceled AMC & OLTL I was sick. I could not imagine my days without my beloved soaps. That being said this whole Prospect Park thing has worn me out. I never understood the fans getting so mad about Kristen Alderson , Roger Howarth and Michael Easton going to GH. When they signed those contracts PP didn’t think they would get the financing to reboot the shows. They are just like everyone else they need to work. They have bills just like everyone else. Then PP did the reboot and we go from 4 shows a week to 2. Then we find out there are “season finales”, hiatus’ and whatever More delays for production and then PP says OLTL won’t be back until they settle with abc. What a joke! This could go on for ever abc can and will drag it out and believe me ( I am married to a lawyer) the money PP will spend defending this suit could have been spent on production. This lawsuit will go into the millions and I doubt PP can really go the distance with abc/Disney. I feel like PP bit off more than they could chew and just can’t admit it. They tried but it didn’t work. But to do this to the actors, the crews involved with getting these shows on the air and yes the fans too is just unfair. Just let it go unfortunately its time.

  • Cin says:

    I am very sad that AMC seems to be run by a couple of inept business men. As a fan of this show since it’s beginning I am saddened by what it became when PP took it over. They can’t seem to get their sh@# together and the crew, actors and fans suffer for it. I supported this show and OL by watching every day and even watching it when it came on OWN. PP has a good product here and with some very bad business decisions has made it unwatchable for me if it comes back for season 2. Without my favorite actor TK and my favorite actress AM not there, I don’t care to watch Season 2. Season 1 was bad enough with what they did to my favorite couple. I wish PP would have left well enough alone and given me the happy ending that ABC gave me, instead of this 5 year jump which mind you DIDN’T WORK. PP needs to communicate with the fans and most of all with the actors/crew to let us all know what is REALLY going on. This fake decision making and blaming it on the fans won’t work. I’m still pissed that this show was all about watching any time and then they used that very excuse to cut the show down to 2 a week. I still think this is a viable product if handled correctly and fans would love to have it back…but unfortunately the longer this Hiatus goes on the less likely it is and the more likely more actors will leave. Sad SAD SAD!!!! Good Luck TK you will do a fantastic job. I will miss Zach Slater so much and he will live forever on my computer in clips!!!

  • Jen says:

    I’ll be honest. One Life to Live was the reason I watched All My Children. But after I started watching AMC there were other reasons to keep watching. Everyone is entitled to their favorite but it is no secret that OLTL is mine. I’ll probably watch AMC when it comes back but it isn’t going to be the same without OLTL there to encourage me.

  • Marc says:

    I dont trust ABC Park. We were better off with what we had on GH until they screwed things up . They have done nothing but lie to us from day 1 and never even told us it was a competetition between the shows. I hope and pray someone brings back OLTL but Im done with ABC Park

  • DavidsMuse says:

    How about going straight to the source (Rich and/or Jeff) and finding out the current status of AMC and OLTL for us? I don’t think they’re going to volunteer it!

  • SZima says:

    I subscribed to Hulu+ just to watch these shows. However, I’m no longer going to pay for it since AMC & OLTL are “on hiatus.” I doubt they’ll ever come back. Also, I don’t like the idea of “seasons” on these shows. They show a limited number of shows and then take a hiatus? Sorry, not interested in shows I can’t watch 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

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