Grant Aleksander is best known for playing Guiding Light’s devious Phillip Spaulding, and All My Children’s even more devious Alec McIntyre. He is currently gearing up to play Adam Clark, the Executive Producer of Tainted Dream’s soap-within-a-soap Painted Dreams – who could turn out to be the most devious character of them all.



Grant Aleksander to play Adam Clark on Tainted Dreams

Carolyn: How did the Tainted Dreams role come about?

Grant: I’ve been observing to direct on One Life and AMC up in Stamford and Sonia asked me if I’d be interested in doing a role in this series. I think she’s very talented and I liked the scripts she sent me, so I said yes.

Carolyn: What attracted you to the role of Adam?

Grant: I like playing complicated characters that can’t get out of their own way. Adam seems like that kind of guy to me. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON ADAM)

Carolyn: Have you watched any of the other Internet soaps?

Grant: Unless you count the new One Life and AMC I haven’t seen much of the Internet soaps – although I think it’s great that all these projects are happening. I have so much respect for people that are able to pull these things together.

Carolyn: What have you been doing since GL ended?

Grant: When GL went off the air I went back to school to finish my degree. Since then I’ve been doing theater, teaching, and directing on various projects.

Carolyn: Who from Springfield do you still see?

Grant: I still see most of my old GL pals. Michael O’Leary (Rick) and I talk all the time and get together when we can. Same for Justin Deas (Buzz) and Ron Raines (Alan). Ron’s great. He’s the one in the bunch who keeps everybody aware of what everybody else is doing. If somebody’s in a show or needs help with something, Ron sends out an email or gets on the horn to let everybody know what’s going on.

Carolyn: Do you think filming an Internet soap will be similar to the way GL filmed at the end? (Or maybe better?!)

Grant: I know Sonia has taken great pains to plan carefully for this project. Being a director as well as a producer she knows how to avoid a lot of the nightmares that can really set you back. As for the look of the project, you’d have to ask Sonia. But I’m sure we’ll benefit from everybody else’s previous efforts. And the equipment and technology keeps getting better and cheaper.

Carolyn: What are you most looking forward to when filming starts?

Grant: Seeing some old friends and meeting the folks I’ve never worked with before. And of course the work itself. I think this is a very creative and well-written project. Sonia is one of those really talented, unflappable people that has the ability to get things done. Should be great fun.


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