The New Website is Here! The New Website is Here!

And it’s full of juicy cast info like GH’s Natalia Livingston joining the cast of Tainted Dreams!

Livingston is best known for portraying Emily Quartermaine on General Hospital from 2003 to 2009, winning a Best Supporting Actress Emmy for her work in 2005. She also had a stint later on Days of our Lives as Taylor.

Livingston will play Liza on Tainted Dreams, a character who makes all the wrong choices – like most people on soap operas. Speaking of which, I probably shouldn’t tell you this but I am going to be playing myself in this series. Well okay, a more well-spoken version of myself since my lines will be scripted. I think I’ll be a slightly bitchier version of myself, too. That may SEEM impossible to you, but I think the “character” of Carolyn Hinsey will be more interesting if she is a little mean. We’ll see if Sonia Blangiardo lets me play that. Shhh, don’t tell her.

The best thing on the website for New York area fans is a contest: Would YOU like to be an extra during the taping of Tainted Dreams? Click here for details

Entries must be submitted by 5 pm Sunday July 21, 2013. Two winners will be selected to join the filming in New York City on August 6, 2013. Timing and other details will be supplied to the winners.

Why not enter? If I can be a “soap star,” then you certainly can!

The countdown has begun…The cast and crew of Tainted Dreams are SO excited to begin filming in New York City on July 29, setting the stage to launch our funny, inside soap-within-a-soap this Fall.

Let the (mind) games begin!

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