What can we say about The 40th Annual Daytime Emmys?

Mistakes were made.

Carolyn with Finola Hughes and Michelle Stafford at the 2013 Daytime Emmy party in LA

Carolyn with Finola Hughes and Michelle Stafford at the 2013 Daytime Emmy party in LA

I have no beef with the unscripted moments like Carrie Fisher talking about dropping acid with Ozzy Osbourne or Corbin Bernsen using the F word while “quoting” his powerhouse late mom to make deserved fun of the telecast. It’s the cringeworthy stuff producers actually PLANNED that I found horrifying – like the couch.

Forcing the winners to immediately go sit on a couch to answer stupid questions has to go down as one of the worst producing decisions in the show’s history, but actors like Y&R’s Doug Davidson gamely participated. The funny thing is that in the room, people didn’t think those couch interviews were airing live on TV so they were chatting. Giada De Laurentiis had the nerve to admonish the audience for not paying proper attention when really someone should have admonished HER for forgetting to wear a top. Couldn’t Corbin Bernsen have thrown a tablecloth over her chest while he was chanelling the late, great Jeanne Cooper?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the couch disappeared after Corbin made fun of it, although the telecast WAS running long by then. Nancy Grahn’s comedy bits were a highlight, but the time could have also been used to show welcome clips of the nominees (!). What did not belong were performances of the “Best Original Song” noms by co-host Robin Meade.

Producer 1: “We can’t get Sheryl Crow to sing the Katie theme, so let’s get a morning newsreader from a cable network to sing it.”

Producer 2: “Great idea. She can sing both songs!”

No one watches the Emmys to see “Best Song” except for my friend Cat at Good Afternoon America who actually won it. (Congrats, Cat!)

There were many other glitches (see poll below), but there were also many bright spots. My personal faves included Doug Davidson winning Best Actor after 35 years playing Paul on Y&R, and Kristen Alderson FINALLY being nominated and winning after 15 years of playing Starr on OLTL and GH.

Despite the butt-puckering moments, I have to say I was very proud of the way the actors, producers, etc. handled themselves in the face of a very scary runaway train.

Daytime is full of true professionals, and they proved it Sunday night.


Here’s how OUR predictions and winners played out:


I picked: Michelle Stafford

You picked: Susan Flannery

Who won: Heather Tom



I picked: Doug Davidson

You picked: Jason Thompson

Who won: Doug Davidson



I picked: Katherine Kelly Lang

You picked: Katherine Kelly Lang

Who won: Julie Marie Berman



I picked: Jeff Branson

You picked: Bradford Anderson

Who won: Scott Clifton and Billy Miller



I picked: Kristen Alderson

You picked: Kristen Alderson

Who won: Kristen Alderson



I picked: Chandler Massey

You picked: Chandler Massey

Who won: Chandler Massey



I picked: OLTL

You picked: OLTL

Who won: DAYS


24 Responses to TAINTED DREAMS: Daytime Emmy Critique

  • Karen says:

    The best win of the night and the best acceptance speech was Doug Davidson. This truly made the Emmy show for me! He soooooooooo deserved the award, not just for the past year but for his lifetime of work. He did well on the couch but I agree….what the…..At least Doug made fun of it and was the only actor of the evening to thank his fans.

  • Charlie says:

    Just thinking….maybe B&B should give Billy Miller 2 or 3 minutes air time to make up for Scott Clifton taking over the allotted time on the Awards show……

  • Richard Hammer says:

    What I loved: Kristen Alderson’s win. Chandler Massey’s win.
    What I hated: The couch; AJ Hammer (no relation) and Robin Meade.
    Biggest disappointment: The In Memoriam segment which should have been a major tribute to Jeanne Cooper. OLTL not winning.
    What shocked me: Days win. The ‘tie’ wins in other categories.
    What made me suspicious: HLN’s pre show and the awards show, both of which were heavilly biased towards CBS.

    • Annie says:

      I felt the red carpet show was shoving the non soap genre down our throats. The daytime emmys always used to revolve around the soaps and the big prizes were handed out late. Who hands out best actor in the first 15 minute of the show?

      Oh and highly disappointed that OLTL did not win best drama. I think the industry has issues with Cartini quite frankly.

  • Pj Byrnes says:

    Agreed with your blog wholeheartedly. I watched with a heavy heart as the show progressed. Corbin and Carrie were the highlights for me as well as Nancy Lee Grahn. I fear for my beloved soaps and support each and every one of them. I felt we deserved to have more of our soap peeps on screen, in clips, presentation or just candid audience shots. I felt a little sorry for Billy Miller who shared his award with the adorably excited Scott Clifton. However he handled it with class and dignity. Oh, I could go on and on. Let me just say I will never give up on my soaps, I love each and every one of them and support them forever.

  • Linda says:

    I agree with the above comments. The legends and Icons were not given the respect they deserve. As to Joe Wells above wish that Oprah Winfrey will take over that won’t happen. When we were all fighting to find a way to keep All my Children and One Life to Live alive she stated something to the effect that daytime had run its course. She wouldn’t assist at all. I think they should realize that there are still many fans of daytime TV shows, and we will fight to keep them and honor the people who work on them. ABC got it after we all fought to keep OLTL & AMC then when they realized they could still squeeze some money out of the shows did everything they could to keep Prospect Park from getting them going. The hosts if they have it again should be people who are actually representatives of all the programs not just a select few as people above stated. It’s the daytime Emmys not another reality show.

  • Doug says:

    Funny how an industry that makes fun of our soaps put out a show that even Our Gang could have better produced. How much did CBS have to pay to get so much focus on the hosts of The Talk? Yes, the show does not belong on HLN, but unfortunatly no other network is clamouring for the show.

  • DEBBIE says:

    The Emmy’s was a total embarrassment! They should not be on HLN to begin with. I was happy that Doug Davidson and Kristen Alderson won. Julie Marie Berman should not have won.

  • Marie says:

    That broadcast was a trainwreck of epic proportions! At one point the camera was on Sam Champion, he was talking, but his mic was off. The camera focusing on the ceiling spotlights was confusing, the fact that this network doesn’t broadcast in high def was jarring, everything was blurry and out of focus on my TV. I was happy that we got to see the show last year and this year but if HLN network is going to do it again next year they need to step it up a bit!

  • PatF says:

    I was thrilled that Doug won. Very well deserved. His reel had more range than the other noms and the award was so overdue. I’m glad his award was the first, as it was pretty much downhill from there. Also congrats to Billy!

  • Marsha says:

    This show was a disgrace, and so disrespectful of the medium. It was the 40th Anniversary! Where was the tribute to Daytime TV? The producers clearly did not understand anything about the medium. Everything about this production was horrendous, from the singing to the couch to the dissing of legend Monty Hall to the utter ignorance of daytime drama. If they can’t get someone reputable to air this next year, let them just hand out the awards and issue a press release. It will be far less disappointing.

  • Patti says:

    The background noise was awful. I felt like no one in the audience was paying attention, just talking loudly to each other. Felt bad for Robin who was totally out of her element.

  • Howie Simon says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with your analysis of the show. Daytime actors came through on this train wreck of a show. It will go down as a memorable one I predict, lol. I was very disappointed in AJ Hammer and that so-called ‘Backstage Live’ with….he snubbed 90% of the daytime talent that approached him for interviews sneering at them under his breath “THIS IS LIVE TV” (in other words, get the hell out of here). I approached and was given the same welcome as others. There was NO talent anywhere – he was busy talking to the camera on how wonderful he is and posing near the aquarium with the glass fish. It seems like the Daytime Emmys have been hijacked by other entities the last 4 years with other agendas than honoring daytime TV (Las Vegas was all about Las Vegas and the shows, and HLN seems to be all about promoting their anchors and hosts at the expense of honoring daytime. Fans were very disappointed as well as talent, let;s bring back the glory of those daytime awards – even if it means it will not be televised.

  • Kelly says:

    As much as I like doug Davidson, I’m sad that Jason Thompson didn’t win. I’ve watched both Y&R and GH the past year and Thompson’s work was clearly his best. Making up for lost time with Davidson and the character of Paul. Sad thing is that Thompson’s story is headed nowhere since Kimberly McCullough left and the Patrick storyline is a joke. His best shot at another nom will be if and when Kimberly returns in the distant future and not what is happening onscreen now, with the writers wasting his talents. Sad.

  • Joe Wells says:

    I completely agree with your assessment of the Daytime Emmys. I cannot understand why Daytime Emmy telecasts cannot honor and showcase this medium and the artists who work in daytime. There are only 4 soaps left, yet we cannot have even 1 clip? The boneheads at HLN even pronouce Erika Slezak’s name incorrectly (no, it’s not Sleeze -ack). It’s a perfect example of the disrespectful manner with which the industry is treated. Ms. Slezak is a legend. What would we say if the Oscars introduced “Angelina Jolly?” The couch nonsense was idiotic. The tribute to Jeanne Cooper was a disgrace. I would hope that she would want to be remembered for her talent, generosity and love, rather than her salty vocabulary. Poor Monty Hall was relegated to verbally describing a video tribute (narrated by his daughter) that was misplaced. The best solution to the dilemma seems to be to cancel future Daytime Emmy awards, and just have the Bell family pass out gold watches or wall plaques to its casts. My secret prayer is that Oprah Winfrey (a woman made Media Queen by the daytime industry) will pick up future telecasts and bring a sense of purpose, honor, decorum, and celebration to this event.

    • CTwildheart says:

      Since Oprah slapped daytime fans in the face with her condescending video as to why she wouldn’t pick up All My Children and One Life to Live – I never want her near any soap opera, game show or daytime emmy show!

  • Brenda Carpenter says:

    The 40th Daytime Emmys could and should have been so much better. I miss the good old days when we actually got to see clips of the nominated actors. Stop spending all the wasted minutes with songs and impromptu “funny moments” and focus on the awards, the shows and the nominees. I don’t mind the “after” interview… just not on the stage. The whole thing seemed like a train wreck. Was their a director… because clearly there were some major technical issues. The fans could’ve put together a better show and made sure the nominees were given the respect they deserve rather than the joke of a broadcast they were given.

  • Chaz says:

    I thought the show looked like a production from one of those Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movies..”Let’s put on a show kids!”. The opening “skit” was stupid. The hosts were embarrassing. “The Couch” as it will forever be thought of was a ridiculous stunt. Having Giada and her breasts interviewing was cringe worthy.Wayne Brady should have just shut up and let Monty Hall speak. The entire set up made it so that the cameras could not show the audience (I suppose those tiny boxes to the left during commercials were supposed to take the place of that except you needed binoculars to see anything). From the audience pans you would have thought the only people in the audience were George Lucas (at least 12 times), Suzanne Rogers and Jennifer Gareis (no offense to Jennifer or Suzanne but they were the only soap people I ever saw ).

    The fact that there was not a separate tribute to Jeanne Cooper was reprehensible. Though, I applaud Corbin for trying to invoke her.

    If anything, I think people were turned off by Robin Meade’s singing and the plan for that to push her new cd was a FAIL.

    HLN had a year to get the production right. While I applaud them for televising it, it was a mess. I don’t know what the people in the room were seeing but from your living room it was an unmitigated disaster.

    I did get some laughs from Nancy Lee Grahn’s portions and think she did a fine job of it.

  • louisa says:

    A real career-changing moment for Robin Meade. And not for the better. Her cheesy performance is tough to forget.

  • Kathleen says:

    It was just painful! Giada laying her tits out in the teeny ‘petals’ of her dress was just gross! Dissing Monty Hall and skipping his film was insulting to him even if he was a real trouper about it. The couch was a joke and a half. Billy Miller was snubbed with his thank you AND on the couch with Chandler hoggin’ it all. They chopped off the last 2 awards, I think, on my DVR. Caught the missing chunk on the 3rd DVR finally! So disrespectful to our beloved Soaps and to the fans (us).

  • Kathleen says:

    It was just painful! Gilda laying her tits out in the teeny ‘petals’ of her dress was just gross! Dissing Monty Hall and skipping his film was insulting to him even if he was a real trouper about it. The couch was a joke and a half. Billy Miller was snubbed with his thank you AND on the couch with Chandler hoggin’ it all. They chopped off the last 2 awards, I think, on my DVR. Caught the missing chunk on the 3rd DVR finally! So disrespectful to our beloved Soaps and to the fans (us).

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