Six episodes is NOTHING in the life of a soap opera, but here’s my preliminary take on the Internet returns of All My Children and One Life to Live.

First of all, every episode is a gift considering the rocky road from ABC canceling them to Prospect Park reviving them to that reboot falling apart to both shows finally arriving on our computers with a big fat bow around them. The production values are fantastic, the actors look amazing, and it’s so nice to see tons of extras milling about scenes like in the heydays of soaps.

AMC had nowhere to go but up after its dismal final year and violent ending, so the new opening sets a perfect tone for viewers looking to “come home” to the open arms of Pine Valley circa 5-10 years ago. Many of the greats have returned, including Adam, Brooke, Opal, Zach, Angie, Jesse, Dixie and David. I was not a Cara or Griffin fan on TV because they were played in a vacuum and took screen time from my faves, but I am watching them now with an open mind. I can’t blame the characters (or actors) for not being properly integrated on AMC 1.0.

Romance is back, as Angie and Jesse share bed scenes, Petey woos Celia with flowers, and Adam and Brooke look like they’ve been perched on that Chandler living room couch the whole time.

There are giant holes where major characters like Tad, Kendall and Erica should be, but they are doing their best to fill them with stories like Jesse and Zach teaming up to find Cassandra and Adam and Dixie willing nuJR out of his coma. Erica is referred to frequently, which helps – like in that sweet scene between Bianca and Miranda where Binks wished she had a “normal mother” too, after Miranda got bullied because her mom is gay. (She was called a “vagitarian” on Facebook.)

Miranda’s friendship with JR’s son A.J. makes perfect sense, as does his secret crush on her.

A.J. (after Miranda said she wants to transfer to a girls’ school): “I’m going to look like hell in a plaid skirt.”

Miranda (laughing): “I love you.”

That said, parts of AMC feel like a different soap to me. There are entire scenes of strangers interacting, like nuCassandra and the “Russian mobsters” and the kids at Jane’s Addiction. And some of the young newbies’ acting is spotty at best (the exceptions are Celia and Miranda).

A few suggestions: Stop with the regular references to “five years.” The kids are all grown, we get it. There’s way too much talk of apps and B2B and the Internet. Jesse would never say “I checked my app” for Cassandra’s flight status, he would say “I checked my phone” like a normal person. And enough with the gratuitous swearing. It’s one thing for a kid to swear in conversation with another kid (like OLTL’s Matthew saying he “felt sh—ty” after doing drugs), but its another for A.J. to tell Adam that his principal’s “head is up his ass.” Kids don’t talk to their parents like that, never mind their grandparents. It’s not edgy, it’s rude – and the Adam I’ve watched for 30 years would never allow it.

But these are small things when you consider that we could have been left with a blurry shootout as our farewell to Pine Valley.

Conversely, OLTL went off the air at a creative high so the bar is much higher for them. I didn’t love the first episode because it focused too much on Dani and her sudden taste for oxycontin (?) at a club full of extras owned by her stepmom. The club is called Shelter as in “Seek Shelter” which is clever, but Blair is too smart to helm a business overrun with drugs and underage kids (including her own), never mind oral sex being performed out in the open (ew). I don’t buy that sweet Matthew grew up to be a drug-trying deadbeat dad, or that cute little Destiny is now a bitter, pouty model. They’d have done better creating a new character than wrecking that one.

But once the club scenes were over, the episodes hit their stride with the familiar David, Dorian, Todd, Blair, Viki, Clint. Bo and Nora interacting hilariously like no time had passed. I don’t like the swearing on OLTL either, but at least they pick their moments better.

When Blair calls Todd an a-hole it works, because he is one.

David’s reality show is a rioutous premise, giving David the chance to interview Todd on camera. “No comment,” replied Todd to every question after cracking that he didn’t want to be on “The Real Housewives of Llanview.” Todd and Blair stepped right back into their insane chemistry, as did Victor and Tea. They’ve resurrected The Banner which is most welcome, and Viki’s new reporter Jeffrey (played by proven actor Corbin Bleu) is the best new character on either show.

Honestly, every scene with a core OLTL character is gold.

A few suggestions: The continuity needs work. Clint hired Matthew and told him he starts “right now,” but in the next scene Matthew was back in his new apartment telling Jeffrey he got a job. Nora was giving Natalie a pep talk and offering to take her shopping while her son Matthew was moving alone into his new apartment. That would never happen; Bo and Nora would have driven the moving truck. And Victor came back from the dead with little reaction from anyone except Tea.

Tea: “How are you here?”

Victor: “Let it be enough that I am.”

“Oh, okay,” said the rest of the town. Victor’s return should have played out over weeks, not minutes.

OLTL has proven they can do the smaller moments, they just need more of them. Like David to little Sam: “I just got jelly on the chair and I’m going to blame you.” Ha!

All in all, both shows are much better than I expected, and there is something for every viewer – both old and new – in every episode. You really can go home again.

To quote our beloved Viki, “I see the light now. It really is all about the Internet.”


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  • Undeniably consider that which you said. Your favourite justification appeared to be at the net the easiest thing to take note of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed at the same time as other people think about concerns that they just don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the whole thing without having side effect , other people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thank you

  • Nicole B. says:

    I’m really not getting the casting for Destiny and Matthew’s baby. Really! He’s supposed to be a mixed child. Even though I’m African American, I still find his lack of Daddy genes a bit disturbing.

  • Kristen says:

    I watched AMC the first episode and have not turned it back on. Honestly, the stories just did not interest me. I do not want to watch Zach without AM as Kendall and if I had to, I need to have a plausible, in character reason why they are not together. (From what I read, Zach and Kendall are divorced because Zach chose the casinos over his wife and kids (really?) thus leaving the danger in their lives that they could not handle. Again, really?) But beyond that, I feel as though the five year jump was too much, the new actors are incredibly green and where I hope they do settle into their roles, they were a turn off to me. What’s with the instant love with Pete and the girl? Jesse learns Cassie is missing and initially lies to Angie? Haven’t we been there before? I feel as though this version of AMC is missing something that I can’t quite put my finger on. And as of now, I have no desire to tune back in and see if it’s changed at all.

    OL on the other hand hit the ground loving. In many ways, I feel as though the show never went off the air, as everything was smooth from the start. It’s wonderful to see HBS / RW as the awesome Bo and Nora again! Not only that, but to see them being loving and adorable and having fun. It’s old school and I’m loving every second of it. It’s also great to see Viki and Clint, Blair, Dorian, little Sam!, and even David. I’m not a Todd, Victor or Tea fan, so I’m indifferent to them, but I will say Victor’s reappearance was well done. I do however have some issues with this story. For example: Victor returns from the dead and it was like everything was normal again.

    I enjoy the addition of Jeffrey and think the actor is great. I also think RG is doing a good job as Matthew. At one point however, I will need Bo and Nora to let him have it for the attitude he gives them. I am even liking Dani more this go around, though I’m a bit lost as to how she became addicted to drugs and alcohol so quickly. I need that story to be fleshed out a bit. I also have a hard time believing that Matthew has not only grown this lazy bone (when before he was all about work and pleasing Uncle Clint), but that he too is into partying. He lost the ability to use his legs because he got into a car with Cole, who was high. There are those little inconsistencies and huh moments, but as I said, overall, I am loving the show.

    The swearing does not bother me. There are times where I feel like the swears do not fit with the context of the dialogue, but other times, where it is right on. Other things bug me, like Jesse on AMC saying he checked his app on his phone for Cassie’s flight information. It didn’t ring true to me. If Miranda or Petey said it, yes, but coming out of Jesse? No. I like that the shows are updated and with the current times, but with that should come the difference of the young and old. For example, when Matthew moved out, Bo and Nora commented on the silence. Nora told him she needed to hear loud music and video games. Bo’s response – I wouldn’t call that music.

    That is appropriate and true to the characters.

    Mostly, I am excited that the shows are back and hope they both do well!

  • Matthew says:

    Thanks for the critique, Carolyn! I’ve said pretty much the same thing about both shows.

  • Tearra says:

    Pretty much agreed with everything Carolyn said. I however do not mind the cursing because I curse like a sailor myself, however like Carolhn said NEVER did I do it around my parents and grandparents. That would be my only revision to the language issue so many fans have. The kids can curse around each other but calling a guy a p*ssy in front of that Jane lady was over the top.

  • Richard Hammer says:

    One last comment..this one about the scene in Shelter in which the girl popped her head up from the guy’s crotch. It was in poor taste and it was stupid. Know why? Cause if that girl was Dani, we would have cared. Victor, Todd and Tea would have punched the guy’s lights out. I feel sorry for the extra who played that part. Can you imagine? She lands a gig on OLTL and look what she’s left with to add to her clip reel!!! P.S. Don’t like nuDestiny either.

  • Wendelyn Sullivan says:

    The swearing doesn’t bug me that much. On Gh, the characters do swear. Maybe not as much as the current online ones do now, but it does happen. What does bother me is the character Destiny, on OLTL, is there a reason why they casted a super skinny,girl. That’s not how Destiny is. It seems that they couldn’t have a less than perfect size actress on the show. That I think is a huge mistake. I do love that TSJ is back as Victor. I wonder where Jessica is with her kids. Did she get back together with Brody and leave town for a fresh start. It seems Liam’s been aged, but not Sam. I guess they do that all the time though. But I am thankful that OLTL is back, so I will get over the inconsistancies in the storylines, for now.

  • Richard Hammer says:

    I have been a fan of Carolyn’s for years and this is my first time participating here.
    I’d like to comment on the swearing issue. Let’s face it. We all swear. Adults swear and children swear. HOWEVER, we all visit the bathroom several times a day. Just because we, the viewers, do this it does not mean that we want to see this portrayed on the screen by the characters that we love. Trust me. I am no prude. There is only one character who should be swearing and cursing on OLTL and sadly, that character is not on the canvas…and that is Roxy Balsam. She would probably mispronounce every curse word and have us laughing our a***s off. Speaking of which, how is it possible that Natalie can be going through all that she is going through without any mention of or appearance by Roxy. Think about it. Her real mother – gone. Her real brother – gone. And the family that adopted her (other than Vicky and Clint) is nowhere in sight. Jess? Tess? Bess? There is simply no way that Roxy would not be hovering over her grandson Liam. All in all I am grateful for every minute Monday -Thursday and over the moon when i saw TSJ….which is more of a reaction than Victor got by anyone in Llanview. Perhaps that was what the writers intended….that we gasp rather than watching everyone in Llanview gasp. It’s a stretch i know. The Friday recap show? Hate it. Hate the format, the fluff and most of all i hate been talked down to by the host who knows as much about soaps as I know about flying a plane. Remember Soap Talk and Soapography? Those I enjoyed. More OLTL I do not. By the way folks, Monday, May 13th we will see episode 9, not episode 11. More OLTL is NOT an episode. Hulu’s numbering system is driving me nuts. Chapter 2, Part 4, Week 6, Episode 8. WHY?

  • Alisa says:

    I totally agree with this article. Some people’s reality is not mine. People are not swearing all the time. Treating people with respect is also expected. They should be focusing on creative stories not shock and awe.

  • Sand says:

    Sorry I disagree with this writer. Young people do swear gratuitously. As a mother yes my son would say those types of things with caution around his parents but with his friends oh yes.

    Also as a person nearly 60 yes I would say “I checked my app”. Not check my phone as the writer states. My phone is for messages my flight tracker app tells me if a flight has arrived or taken off.

    I’m loving both All My Children and One Life To Live! I think Prospect Park is doing a very good job of keeping enough of the old and blending it into a new show. There have been a few hiccups, but look past them…they are new shows!!

  • Beth says:

    The cursing doesn’t bother me. I’m more troubled by the lack of as many recognizable faces on AMC as there are on OLTL. It’s not just that I miss Tad, Erica and Kendall. I feel disconnected from the show when Celia is on because I don’t know who she is or why I should care about her. Of all the new faces on legacy children characters, I agree that Miranda and AJ are the best. Otherwise, there are too many unrecognizable faces for my taste. As long as the amount of suggestive love scenes and cursing stays at the level it’s currently at after 2 weeks, I’m fine with AMC. But I need some of my faves to return to Pine Valley for me to feel comfortable with the show.

  • Margie says:

    Every time I see the OLTL people give the finger to someone, or hear Blair call someone an asshole I shall forever think of Carolyn.

  • mamavz says:

    Kids don’t talk to their parents like that, never mind their grandparents i like to know were u live cuz i see if everday in the real world i hate to say it .the thing that gets to me is how any times are you going to show Miranda Lying half Naked On the Floor in aj”s room were is Adam, Brooke .i love that amc is back and will watch everyday with all the cuzing and the half naked ppl cuz i love it all i need now erica and Kendall back the kane woman all in one place shit will happen and that the true

  • delainey says:

    Finally, someone is watching the same show I am! Instead of having you look for my post on fb, I’ll paste it here and add to it. My thoughts, this far in – the writing; the cursing, the Shelter scenes, thrown in nudity, and the overall lack of quality in knowing OLTL characters makes me feel like PP rushed everyone too quickly to get on with the shows.

    Give me a reasonable (not too lengthy) explanation why I am watching these scenes (i.e. much needed intelligent well-thought out, researched reasoning), and I can follow along a bit better. It’s not just continuity for me. They simply do not know any of the characters; just writing stories, and inserting OLTL characters into them. Please do not give me – It’s new. It’s on the internet. It’s progress. It’s a year later – excuses. Go to youtube and watch some shows from back in the day to get a refresh.

    For the most part, I feel like I’m just on a soaps to internet band wagon with an added shock and awe effect. I’m all for my soaps being on the internet, but I’ll go watch House of Cards on Netflix for intelligent political drama, instead of a loosely researched political piece on Dorian Lord.

    I am a journalist major btw – I think Jeffrey would be snatched up in two seconds by CNN and other shows they plugged; or at least offered a staff position, elsewhere. Also, the TV news reporter asks Dorian about her flippant comment, not about the black sites? Viki allowing the twisting of Dorian’s words is why newspapers fail, because they hire dramatic half-truth writing misfits. That’s the only ammunition Dorian needs. But, the writers use her tainted name as a catalyst to take revenge on Viki? (And something done via the computer which can be traced back to her, I’m sure!) Are the writers dropping the black sites and Dorian redeeming herself by telling the truth (a first one for her) already? The scenes seem thrown together from day one.

    The sympathy for Todd is just getting so obvious he’s going to die, I don’t even feel anything but god just get it over with. And psst… thank you GH for keeping the Todd character warm so that PP could resurrect OLTL with Todd as our main story/character. How’s that lawsuit going, btw? Personally, I would have rather had Victor sneaking around for a month, killing him and then appearing from the dead.

    Do Nora and Bo work anymore? Or are they having sex and kinky phone convos to fill the empty nest syndrome? I like Nora as a meddler! Let her stop in unannounced at her kid’s new pad – A LOT! He just had pills on him! Did the writers forget he was in a car with drugged out Cole and got hurt?

    Regarding the cursing. It’s too much. To me, it seems that someone needs to take the bottle away from Racina. He may be taking a drink every time he inserts a curse word. Someone at least stopped letting the man film himself, and took down his unprofessional drunken let’s curse video.

    I could go on about the loopholes I’m seeing. Just because it’s a soap, intelligent fans shouldn’t have to sit through and shrug off stupid writing. Are the writers even reading each other’s work? Racina reading his co-writers work between drinks, and not catching sh!t? *he may only know how to understand something if a curse word is slightly inserted* 😉

    Just a little *considerable* thought is all I’m asking for each character and story.

    I will still love any person who disagrees with me! 🙂

  • LauraBB says:

    I am going to have to go back an re watch it now because I thought the OLTL “blow job” was the shot done by a girl from a guys crotch and not a real one. Was I just blinded by thinking they wouldn’t have the real thing on our stories?!

  • Mark says:

    Believe me, I’m not prudish. I’ve been known to throw around an F-bomb in my day, but I think the swearing and overt sexuality do not belong in the genre, especially these two shows. Come on, in the first episode there was simulated oral sex between extras in the ‘backroom’ of Shelter! Are you kidding me? I don’t want to see that on my shows!

    I think PP is trying to push the envelope. For me, this is a huge disservice to the shows, the actors and most especially the fans. Many of us have watched these shows for decades. We love what these shows were and are. Suddenly changing what they’re about for the sake of shock value or ‘because we can’ is wrong! What I want to see when I watch OLTL is drama, humor, and romance. I don’t want to see simulated sex, or swearing for the sake of swearing.

    This is just my opinion.

  • Bryon says:

    I can’t get enough of either show, especially All My Children, and I was never an avid watcher of AMC. I think the online version of AMC is capturing the essence of how Anges Nixon envisioned it. I always appreciated AMC, but now I am simply in love with it.

  • Lin says:

    The last two or more years before they left ABC I liked OLTL better than AMC. I must admit I think AMC is a better show now. I am patient as we find out the answers to the mysteries. I don’t mind any new characters, and the recasts are fine. I do think it’s silly for the “children” to have grown up that much and in some cases look like they would be siblings of their parents or almost the same age. The only objection I have so far on AMC is I think the sex ring is a bit much- especially since we gain new viewers from teenagers and parents are not going to let tehir kids watch that. But other than that, I’m loving it. OLTL I hope will improve. I don’t like the scenes at Shelter-the first episode was too negative with all that happened there. Bo would not have screamed like that. Doubt Matthew would be so negative toward his parents. I agree that Victor coming home would be HUGE. I can well understand Dani having problems with the way her parents were either physically or mentally missing. Way too much makeup- on her as well. Everything can be fixed. We don’t need to see Melissa Archer in her underwear twice in one episode unless you think teenage boys are your target audience. But everything is improvable. I love many of the scenes. More should be made of how “thin” “Destiny” has become. I have patience and have faith things will get better. I am so happy Trevor is back. They are going to have to figure out a way to bring back Starr even if its’ Starr 2.0. And they are not talking about her which is nuts. I hope Roger Howarth will be on. Don’t know how they’ll work that out. Since John is Liam’s dad, they will have to have a John 2.0 eventually. All in all, I am thrilled to have my soaps back. Didn’t love everything before. AMc is better than before. OLTL – i have faith in you.

  • Daisy Day says:

    I’ll be watching AMC – watched 2 episodes so far. Loving the “grown-up” children. I don’t mind the cursing even though I would never allow my son to use curse words in the house – that privilege is reserved for me. 🙂
    I’m giving them a month or two before I pass judgment.
    As for OLTL, I tried watching it over the years but never liked the show or the characters….watch 2 episodes of the web series and it still wasn’t something I would watch for the same reasons. I like some of the actors that I’ve watched on other shows but wouldn’t watch just because of that. When they moved some of the characters to GH I watched and cringed. The actor that played Todd was OK and did click with Carly but the others were not – there was no chemistry with GH actors.

  • Donna says:

    I want to hear explanations as to where missing characters are, like Jessica and Brody. SHELTER is way too overwhelming and sleazy. Vimel in an open marriage, uh, no ! More Natalie please, and find a baby that actually looks like it could be Destiny and Matthew’s. Let’s see Nora & Bo interacting with their grandchild.

    • CeCe says:

      Yes! That baby looks nothing like he could be Matthew and Destiny’s baby. The baby they had at the end of OLTL when she gave birth was good casting. O all the babies in the world, that’s the best they could do?

  • Cindy says:

    Kind of ironic that people are complaining about cursing. Yet all these years they’ve been watching murders,rapes,and adultery with no problem. At the end of the day what you are complaining about are “words”…. which have no power unless you give them power. It’s not like every other word is a curse word. But there will always be those people that love to bring something down. Doesn’t bother me,I’m too busy watching the soaps we fought to get back.

    • Wes says:

      TOTALLY agree. Well said. And I’m too busy watching the soaps we fought to get back to be down on anything that they’re doing…especially the swearing. It’s really not a big issue people! lol

      • marcia says:

        but when a kid says that to a parent or grandparent, they are NOT “just words,” they are disrespectful, and yes, I use them often when I am alone. I am anything but a prude, but I would never have tolerated that kind of talk from my kids and never used language THAT blunt even when I did get mad when I caught one of them doing something really stupid.

        I’m not complaining. I’m happy to have my stories back. but I am deaf and I’m having trouble with lip-reading on both shows. I wrote Hulu Plus about getting closed captioning on my tv, no response. I guess they are busy and I’m glad.

        one of my best buddies called name-calling and cursing “big words used by small people.” Please dont let our loved ones on AMC and OLTL act small! If your vocabulary is sufficient you can make your point without cursing. And as for checking apps, I don’t even own a cell phone. Don’t need one. But I am fairly computer literate, thanks to my sons’ teachings. I dont curse at my computer cause I’m afraid he will get mad.

        otherwise, I love them. can I hear them? Not at all. do I watch my stories? You bet!
        Marcia from Arkansas

  • John says:

    Do not mind the swearing at all and I am just glad all these people are back to work !!!

  • Morgan R says:

    I only watch OLTL because I never watched AMC before so I would be lost. I agree the cursing could be less, it’s a little too in your face. The sound is also something they should work on. The dialogue is hard to hear and when you up the volume, the next scene screams. It goes up and down too much. As far as the writing- I have no complaints. I love the fast pace. Boom, Victors’s here! No long, drawn out weeks worth of anticipation. The actors/actresses are great, people quit complaining! You got your shows back, what more could you want?!

  • Terry Burch says:

    I don’t mind the teens swearing, because it seems more normal, but Angie using it seemed forced. Also, I find it very odd that Adam Chandler didn’t go to the high school and threaten to buy the school district just so he could fired the principal. AJ’s suspension for a fight that occurred off campus and not at a school sponsored function seems ridiculous to me. OLTL was rough the first day, but it’s hitting its stride now, and will only get better!

    • Alex33016 says:

      I agree Terry, him being suspended for a fight that did not happen during school hours on campus or at a school function…is ridiculous! And for Adam to stand for it…laughable.

  • Carol says:

    I’m not a fan of the swearing, but I was hoping once the novelty wore off there would be less of it. I did have a lot of trouble hearing the dialog on OLTL, particularly when there was background music. I resorted to watching with captions (and Hulu does not do captions well). I agree with your comments re: Dani and Destiny. But as I remember Matthew wasn’t thrilled about becoming a daddy so that doesn’t surprise me. Destiny running around in shorts that look like a diaper is off-putting. And I am thrilled about the TSJ surprise return (even though by the time I was able to view the show online the secret was out).

    • Alex33016 says:

      I had to literally turn down the computer volume yesterday to watch the episode of OLTL…the music was so annoying and loud. For me “Shelter” is going to get real old, real quick. I also think that the producer is trying too hard to be young and hip, and it is showing. It should come organically…not forced. It comes off as desperate.

    • marcia says:

      Oh, Carol, please, please tell me how you did captions! I am deaf!!! thank you

  • Tina says:

    I am glad to have OLTL back and for the most part am pleased with the way the show is going. However, the complete destruction of Destiny is too much for me. Part of Destiny’s charm was her matter-of-fact, sweet personality and that she was cute but didn’t look like a model. I do NOT like the new actress (sorry) or the changes to the character AT ALL. My only other gripe is that I never liked TSJ but he is here to stay so I am just trying to get used to it. I love Dorian and David, it is so good to see them again! All of the vets are a sight for sore eyes. Also, I will miss Todd tremendously when RH goes back to GH.

    The swearing is unnecessary but as long as it doesn’t get any more prevalent I think I can deal with it.

  • Maxie says:

    Like most folks posting,….the swearing sounds like everyday conversations,….especially with the youth of today. During AMC and OLTL,….it was NOT jarring at all. For the ones who have their nose out of joint over the new characters,their dialog,….and the juvenile conversations,…..what reality are ‘you’ living in? Dani having a fondness for Oxi’s,…..welcome to some of the realities that our teens are living through today. This is 2013,….NOT Ozzy and Harriet, nor The Brady Bunch,……the temptations are everywhere, not just for the teens, but adults as well. AMC and OLTL,….introduced their new format,…with great subtle nuance,…….it has been a pretty mild introduction,…..I suggest you brace yourself,….we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • Mindy S. says:

    I’m liking what I’m seeing on both AMC & OLTL!! I was a little shocked when I seen a woman going down on a guy at Shelter! And, I agree that the cursing needs to be toned down on both shows! Just as long as Adam never uses the C word or Vicki (with the exception of Nicki Smith) never drops the F-bomb, if it does, it will take days to get me out of the shell shock fetal position. Yes, these aren’t my mama’s soaps anymore, but I’m so glad my 2 faves are back!! Eat crow ABC!!!

  • Robynne says:

    And just for the record…a friend who uses the closed captioning said they dropped the F Bomb on AMC. I didn’t even notice it!

    • Cathleen says:

      I noticed that! It was Jessie to Zach and he said “what the f* are you talking about”! I laughed out loud. The swearing doesn’t bother me, but it will take a little getting used to!

  • Robynne says:

    You can’t please everyone all the time – especially on a soap! So it sounds like these two shows are back right where they belong. People are already on one side or the other saying they like this they don’t like that.

    I LOVE that we can do this again! And that is all I really care about at this point. All the things everyone is complaining about are truly small things. Things that will get worked out eventually. Just ECSTATIC we can watch our PA families again.

    (and yes, teens DO talk like that!)

  • Kassey says:

    Your review of AMC was like you read my mind. AMC was so bad when it went off the air that I really didn’t like most of the characters (because of how they were written) and now its taking me some time to get back into it especially since I have to get use to the new young characters. Kids swear today and that’s the truth. If you are around any young people you know they swear a lot so that doesn’t bother me HOWEVER you are absolutely right when you say they wouldn’t talk like that in front of their parents let alone grandparents. I like the friendship between AJ and Miranda, they were born on the same day and its nice to see they’re close.
    OLTL – SAM’S BACK LOL I was so happy to see the little guy and just wanted him to be on more. This show is great because most of the people we know and OLTL had ended on a high note. I too wish they didn’t rush the big stuff like Victor being back (should have played out more). The very best thing on the show for me, other than Sam, is ROGER back as Todd. I love this man and this character and its going to be a big blow when he leaves (heard he was going back to GH which makes me happy and sad since he won’t be playing Todd). I never liked Natalie and still don’t and the fact that she is keeping John from his child makes me hate her even more, this is one character I am not happy seeing back.

  • Kathi says:

    I only watch AMC. I am completely turned off by AJ’s every-other-word cussing. It’s normal for teens to cuss, but it definitely does sound forced and wrong to speak that way to Adam. The Adam of old would never just smile! Overall, I’m happy with AMC 2.0, although I’m hoping there will be more characters added soon. Where is Kathy? If we’re fast forwarding by 5 years, she would be one of the teen crowd. If our beloved vet actors can’t or won’t return, recasts would be fine (with the exceptions of Tad, Kendall, Erica).

    Of all the people to get killed in the shooting, why Marissa? Isn’t it about time Bianca gets to be happy? She needs a love interest to help her move on with her life.

    How about a reveal on Celia’s guardian? Please! I’ve been wracking my brain to figure out which “vet” it is. Dimitri, maybe? That would be an interesting twist!

    I’m so happy to have my AMC back and I can’t wait to see how things progress. Yipppppeeee!

  • Laverne Bocanelli says:

    This may be a picky item but it drives me crazy. If you notice on both All My Children and One Life To Live all the doors open the wrong way. They have the doors opening out of the rooms instead of into the rooms. The persons building the sets must of had the plans backwards when they were putting them together.

    • Alex33016 says:

      LAVERNE, THANK YOU!! That drives me crazy too…they all live in mansions and all doors open outward !! LMAO! It’s like watching a B-movie! LMAO

  • Rodney says:

    Cursing does not concern me; needs to be in context though. On the other hand, the issues with the transitions on OLTL are jarring, but improving as of yesterday. I do wish somebody would address the odd writing/reaction to Victor’s return; it’s still not just right.
    Regardless, I am thrilled they are back and will continue to watch. Heck, when you watch a soap for over 40 years there will always be times that you ask yourself Wth?

  • Andie says:

    I wouldn’t mind the cursing if it didn’t seem so forced. I am a big OLTL fan, so of course I am liking all the old characters back. I agree with all the comments about Victor’s return, but so happy that it happened. If I could tell the actress playing Dani one thing it would be to “eat”.
    I watched AMC since 1970, but gave up on it 3 or 4 years ago. I tried watching the first week, but the writing and acting were too poor to bear.

  • Terry says:

    I agree with the majority that the swearing just seems forced. I use curse words but it’s not every other word out of my mouth. As I said to someone it’s like the little kid that learns a dirty word and repeats it nonstop because it makes mom and dad mad.

    OLTL has some problems. Victor is back and his main concern is Dani and Jack, his niece and nephew? What about Sam, his only biological child? Has anyone even told the boy that his dad is alive? Blair’s nightclub doubles as a posh full-service restaurant? I don’t know of any nighclubs like Shelter that have a full kitchen (or any kitchen for that matter). And I guess Robert Gorrie’s right eyebrow will soon have a storyline of its own because it sure is overacting in every scene. And even though certain characters aren’t on any longer, a mention of what happened to them would be nice (Jessica, are you out there?).

    • Robynne says:

      Ummm….Victor is concerned about HIS KIDS Dani and Jack. I understand they are technically his niece and nephew – but that was not his relationship with them. It makes perfect sense to me that he still considers them his children. But I do agree that Sam needs to have some scenes with him since he is back.
      They did mention Jess in one of the first few episodes, but of course I can’t remember what they said!

    • delainey says:

      Matthew’s eye brow! Oh dear… you killed me! Its own story! *laughing so hard I have tears!* An Angels and Demon (cursed eye brow) story, instead of another DID, maybe?

  • Teresa Conley says:

    I only watch OLTL. I’m glad to see so many of the original characters. I’m not against recasts, but I do have to say that I don’t like the new Matthew or Destiny.
    I think one of the reasons I don’t like the new Destiny is the fact that she is now taller than Matthew. Just doesn’t work for me. I also feel that because the show is only 30 minutes now, it is just too rushed. No time to flesh out real dialogue. I’m glad Victor and Todd are both back. Should be some interesting scenes. I’m not totally feeling the love, but willing to watch a while longer. And I have to admit that since I have watched OLTL for over 35 years (which gives away my age) I’m not liking all the loud music. It’s just loud noise to me. Hope there aren’t too many scenes in the nightclub.

  • AMC Binks says:

    I never even noticed the swearing until people pointed it out. Shoot, I’m in my sixties and been watching AMC since day 1. It always seemed so weird on network TV for them to say “Oh, golly gee whiz I had a crummy day.”

    I do think maybe Adam could have called out AJ for calling the principal a horse’s ptooey. But, with AJ’s dad in a coma for five years things do get changed in a family. And Adam himself was never one to shy away from a few choice words. Or as close as you could get on TV.

    As far as checking apps for flight times I say it all the time. “Hang on, I”ll check my app.” Say it for weather, dental appts etc.

    I love the reboot and do NOT miss “Erica.” But I do miss Tad and Kendall. I think the writers have done an excellent job of filling us in on where everyone is right now. The phrase “five years” will be gone in a bit I’m sure. But it does not bother me.

    I have zero complaints about AMC 2.0. Well…. maybe that JR looks so great in a coma. But Doc Joe did mention Dixie being there overnight again, so she probably keeps him looking good. Must be getting a lot of physical therapy too.

    Also I LOVED the way AMC ended it’s TV run. It was a cliffhanger Friday, what else!

  • Alex33016 says:

    Another continuity problem on OLTL, is when Victor finally talked to Viki and she told him, “Oh, yes, I heard that Alison Perkins was holding you hostage…” Ok, when did Victor tell ANYONE that he had been held by Alison Perkins hostage? And when did any one tell Viki? I am very upset that NO ONE fainted or freaked out (except for Dani) when someone who everyone thought was dead…SUDDENLY appeared…not even Todd, who should have yelled…”But I killed you!!!!!!!” Nothing….Nada! And as for the cussing, Jeffrey said “Sh!t” in front of Victoria Lord Buchanen and she did not bat an eye! What? That is so classless to cuss in front of your boss…my bosses have cussed in the past and I would NEVER cuss in front of them. Also, Jeffrey disobeyed Viki’s order on something and walked away from her defiantly, after she JUST hired him…and she just smiled about it…WTF!?

    On AMC, there is tooooooooooo much cussing from AJ. Celia, IMO, cannot act. Since episodes are 25 minutes the most including commercials, and only on 4 days a week….keep it moving people…who is Celia’s benefactor? You have to tell stories in fast forward…I mean, you have explained where Kendall is. We just found out that Tad is on assignment (out of character, he would have stayed with Dixie & AJ), WHERE IS ERICA KANE!? Explain, please. And finally what exactly happened that night 5 years ago? Make an episode just that night!!! Or else stop referencing it!!! Oh and btw, Adam Chandler would have NEVER let his grandson be suspended from school…NOT in a million years.

    Did these producers and writers watch these soaps before they came on board?

  • Kittrell says:

    Here’s my take, I’m rolling with the punches on both shows especially AMC because I was never a true fan (I just kept up with the SOD synopses) But I did tune in when they brought Jesse back (that was a beautiful story, sigh). So AMC is pretty good (I’m adjusting to the swearing because I’m just not used to it on daytime (now anytime) TV. OLTL on the other hand is great except for that horrible opening sequence (the theme is growing on me only). The major problem for me is that I am a GH fan as well and when everything seemed like it was over (the cancelations etc.) Seeing the OLTL characters on GH REALLY eased the pain of my OLTL loss. Now with the litigation etc. I’m afraid that stories, histories, and characters will be forever ruined. But It’s only week 2 and hey it’s only my opinion (hehehe). OH and spunk up Destiny or recast her!!! She should have slapped Matthew last week!

  • Cheryl says:

    I am not a person who swears much at all in real life, but I don’t even notice the swears half of the time. Honestly, the stories are so well written that I find myself more involved in what is happening vs. what is questionable dialogue. I usually find out later on twitter or facebook who said what to whom. LOL

    I think both shows are getting better as they go, and my personal opinion: the writing and cast far out-weigh the use of (insert explative here).

  • I have been watching One Life for many years and was delighted to have it back . Hopefully the format will change , less swearing and more variety , too much NIGHTCLUB scenes . I will give the show a chance and hope some of the old story-lines will surface in the future . If not I may not watch any more.

  • Gail says:

    Nice review! Carolyn, Do you know if it is now 2016 on AMC or did the events happen in 2008 and it’s 2013? I like the boy meets girl story on AMC. It’s simple yet soapy. Reminds me of the young days of AMC 1.0 I do not like the Cassandra story, wish they would have gone with something more organic for those characters involved. So glad VI is on AMC, but I keep wondering where is MEK? Susan Lucci would really perk up this show too.

    As for OLTL, the non-reaction to Victor was very odd. What a treat to see RH back on the show! Team Todd all the way! Jeffrey and nuMatthew’s relationship is very realistic and well written. Good acting by both guys.

    And I do like the swearing, the real music and the use of real products. Makes the show more realistic.

  • George says:

    I strongly disagree. Its apparent they are going for a younger audience as well. I don’t have a problem with the content as it is realistic to me. I can definitely relate. Those situations happen. That is the ugly truth. This hangup about the language is pathetic. People talk this way. Not everyone talk all prim and proper. If it offends you then don’t watch. I’ll be damned if I would let someone tell me how to speak and what words to use or not use in a conversation. The dialogue doesn’t seem forced, it comes out naturally. Some viewers aren’t use to hearing it due to censorship restrictions on network tv. This is the internet, they have the option to say and do what they want. I like their new style as well as their old. I’m just glad they are back, regardless of the format. You can’t please people all the time. Obviously.

    • rose says:

      I don’t mind the swearing. And I am an older viewer. Ok over 50. 🙂 But sometimes it just seems forced. Not natural. Kinda like they are throwing in a swear just because they can! Especially on AMC. But I do like the stories on AMC better than OLTL so far. The Shelter thing with the guy that Cutter owes $$ to is waaaay over the top. They should take it down a notch. Another case of just doing things because they can.

  • Beverly says:

    OLTL doing good but for Dani too dramatic. But AMC huge disappointment. AJ’s trash mouth has turned me off completely and Miranda TERRIBLE acting. Since they seem to get the most screen time I won’t be watching. Just not what I want on my soaps 🙁

    • Stephen Parker says:

      I am LOVING Kelley Missal’s edgier Dani 🙂 I am not encountering a “language barrier” with the minimal swearing (and yes, as another pointed out, people DO talk like this in 2013). Vimal and Rama are such a breath of fresh air…I really like their “open marriage” storyline and am finding it very realistic and their acting is superb!! Overall, this OLTL fan is delighted with what is taking place each day 🙂

    • Robynne says:

      So far you are in the minority…I hear that Denyse Tontz is the best of all the newbies.

  • Jenna says:

    I don’t see why each episode has to have swearing in it. Most episodes have 5 to 8 instances. It seems ludicrous. Yes, the swearing occurs in context but it all seems artificial.

    Cable TV shows on HBO, Showtime, etc. don’t feature as much swearing, especially in family fair. I think only ultraviolent shows features this much cursing.

    I’m not a prude. I’m fine with the occasional use of profanity. But, I can’t imagine many young employees such as Jeffrey King swearing in front of his much older employer, Victoria Buchanan. Similarly, I can’t see AJ swearing in front of his grandfather.

    PP needs to pull back on the swearing. It’s not edgy.

  • Bonnie says:

    I agree with everything you said, I will also like to add, that the relationship between Miranda and AJ is weird. I know they are best friends, and like brother and sister, but I would never get dressed in front of “my friend” Also why is Miranda always in AJ’s room?? Have they not yet built the set that is suppose to be where she and Bianca live?? Celia is my favorite new character on the show, as she has a mysterious past and not tied to anyone that we know of yet.

    I also do not care for the recast on OLTL, Matthew used to be sweet most of the time. Destiny also was nice, now she really is a nothing. They have ruined Dani, but I do like the new reporter character.

    All in all they did a good job, and hopefully it will get better once the routine is set. I love having the older generation there, they are all the best on both shows!

  • Stephanie says:

    Don’t mind some, but on both shows it just seems so forced, like they are doing just because they can, not natural in most cases.

  • CeCe says:

    I mostly agree with you. The swearing doesn’t bother me I agree, they definitely need to pick their moments better. They shouldn’t talk to the adults the same way they talk to their friends. They really did need to have more reaction when Victor returned, that really bothered me but I’m glad they didn’t wait to reveal him. And Matt was on-call that’s why he went back to the apartment, he just needed to keep his phone on. I buy that Matthew is a jerk but I didn’t expect him to be THIS bad. He was a jerk, basically the last 2 yrs of OLTL 1.0.

  • Enrique Buenrostro says:

    Swearing isn’t that bad, that’s the way people talk in real life, this isn’t the 50s and the non cursing on the soaps before sounded ridiculous.. it sounds more real now.

    • George says:

      Now this is a comment I agree with. Some of use it in our everyday life, workplace and with friends. Not to mention some of the elderly. The people complaining sounds like prudes to me. IJS.

      • Christopher John says:

        The entire discussion is ridiculous. The language on both shows is tame compared to what I hear on any given day. Further, I can only assume Carolyn has no children, if she really believes teens don’t talk to their parents “this way”. They do. I’m not necessarily saying it’s right, but that’s reality. My advise to those with delicate sensibilities is to mute the sound, turn from the tv, or just don’t watch if you don’t like the dialogue, as opposed to asking for changes, which will impact a great number of fans, who DO like the dialogue. Personally, I LOVE shows that reflect life…in the year 2013.

  • Liz says:

    I don’t mind the cursing at all. It is just another form of expression, and I actually buy A.J. talking to Adam like that. I’ve been cursing in front of my mother since I was 13. As long as I wasn’t cursing her out, which I never did, she didn’t care. As for my grandmother, she has the biggest potty mouth going, so she doesn’t care if I curse.

    • Kittrell says:

      Liz, I agree with your statement that cursing is just another form of expression and also your family dynamic is your family dynamic. In my family while be it a double standard, if the parents cursed, the children did not, no matter how potty mouthed the parents were even when the children were adults with children of their own. With that being said, it bothers me that to see a grandchild use that language with their grandfather (Adam Chandler or not). But hey…Who am I to judge?

      • TracyJean says:

        The scene with Adam and AJ has bothered me the most of all the swearing on both shows. Adam is of the generation where he should have been calling for Winifred to wash the kid’s mouth out with soap, which was not an uncommon threat from that generation. I know that, even now, I watch what I say in front of my parents and I’m in my 40s. A friend recently asked why I hadn’t posted a particular thought of mine to Twitter. My response was that my Twitter crossposts to Facebook and my parents might see it, as well as a bunch of other relatives of that generation.

        And yeah, Adam would have gotten that principal fired (and have been completely justified since AJ should never have been suspended in the first place).

  • Nicole says:

    I agree with the majority of your assessment. If one more AMCer refer to “that night,” I’m going to scream. And I am equally peeved at the destruction of Destiny; she’s never been a shallow party girl and, child or not, would NEVER have not been at the hospital for her BEST FRIEND Dani. Nothing personal against the actress playing her but going from a healthy-sized, dark-skinned girl to a caramel colored, reed thin one is playing into that stereotypical Hollywood standard. I will try my best to give nuDes and nuMatt a chance but Shenell and Eddie set an incredibly high bar.

  • Sharon says:

    ITA 100%! My take on both soaps – exactilioso! You accurately nailed the good & bad. I’m just glad to have them back.

  • louisa says:

    Great review. I only really watch OLTL, but you nailed it. I’m thrilled that the show is back!

  • Miss M says:

    Wonderful review! I agree with the cussing. I’m not anti-cussing, but I also don’t feel the need to hear a cuss word at the end of every sentence. It sort of feels like, “Hey, we’re on the Internet, let’s cuss more!” And that just seems lame. I’m more interested in story. I agree completely about Victor, he came back from the dead and it was like he’d come back from the grocery store. If I came back from the dead there’d be some yelling and at least one family member doing the sign of the cross.

    I’m always nervous about younger casts, but I do really enjoy Miranda and A.J. I think those are two of my favorite new characters.

    As usual, I enjoy reading anything you have to write! Hope you are doing well!

  • Rodd says:

    I don’t mind the swearing some of the time but some of the characters swear WAY too much…And not just a few swear, they ALL swear like these words were part of their vocabulary tests and they need to find a way to use them in every sentence. I thought they were going to swear when it was NECESSARY, not every scene. I flinch and let it go, but I would be so much happier if there was less of it. IMHO, a character who swears all the time lacks something: happiness, intelligence, vocabulary, something. I wish they’d cut back some.

  • Nancy J says:

    Swearing is not needed. I don’t care if it is a “sign of the times”. It is overused. There are plenty of words to use that would project the same as swear words…it is a shock factor. Let’s be different and more creative in language, conversations and reactions to promote the characters and the story. It’s time to be the better, not the norm.

    • Janice says:

      I agree with that swearing is just not good in the soaps. Like my husband said, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. I am about ready to abandon AMC. There is a reason I almost exclusively watch PBS. Good writing, interesting character development and no reality crap. I think we are becoming dumber in this country.

  • Aida says:

    Right on point with many of my thoughts. Victors return from the dead was a let down because it was played out like it was any other day. Would’ve loved to have seen more of a reaction, questions being asked, etc. Regardless, I’m just glad my beloved soaps are back!

  • Dani says:

    I pretty much agree w/ all that you said. I just have a hard time with the OLTL nightclub scene. I’d rather it be more coffee house or diner oriented. I’m in my 40s and nightclubbing and loud music are NOT my thing. The swearing just makes it seems like they’re trying way too hard to be hip. It wasn’t necessary on network TV and it’s not in line with the characters.

  • Cathy says:

    The swearing adds nothing to the show. If I had young daughters I would discourage them from watching after hearing AJ’s rants today. Not necessary, and bad vibes for younger viewers. I am an AMC lifelong fan and will continue to watch, but not enjoying the language AT all. Get rid of it, please.

  • Nancy M says:

    Thank you for saying such positive things. Things are never perfect but AMC has been better than in many years. OLTL is missing Ron and Frank and I am not sure about the writers. The scenes when Victor came back should have been not so nonchalant. All in all I could not be happier. Thanks PP.

    • Kittrell says:


      I totally agree with you. I’ve said in other posts that Viki didn’t even blink an eye when she first saw Victor and to add insult to injury she said that she “heard that Allison Perkins had him captured” or something like that. WTF?? Then on the other hand, I’m glad that this didn’t drag out for months. It’s almost like the writers and producers know that we know what happened to Victor why rehash it, lets move on. Melancholy I know but it’s week two and our show is back. Sorry for the rant but I just had to get that out. LOL

  • Rod says:

    I agree with most everything here!! I hate the David & Dorian stuff but love them!!! Adam JR. God go back to acting class and AMC stop shoving him
    Down my throat every moment!! AMC explain who all these new people are so maybe we will actually care about them!! They ruined the most amazing Keith secret return of Victor…soooo lame!! I feel like it’s all going to slow and not enough gratification to keep me wanting more…all though I’m still going to watch,just feel like there should have been lots of story unfolding all at once tiring in better when they went off the air, bringing up me stories with in that!!!

  • Douglas Futch says:

    I love the new shows, and really, the swearing from the kids is very real. Adam is smart enough to not shoot down AJ for swearing, because it is a miracle in itself that a kid AJ’s age is talking at all to his grandfather about real problems.

    Just like on Venice, it all fits the characters. I think we are right on track.

    Now if we can just get Tad and Erica back!

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