All My Children started taping the reboot on February 25 in Stamford, Connecticut. AMC 2.0 is an online series produced by Prospect Park, slated to air on TOLN, Hulu and other sites in April. Many of the original faves are on board, including the always quotable Thorsten Kaye – back again to play manly mogul Zach Slater.

Carolyn: How was your first week?

Thorsten: I’ve gotta tell you, these Prospect Park guys are pretty classy. They put their money where their mouth is. The studios in Stamford are really nice, and the dressing rooms are huge. But there’s no cafeteria, so these guys cater breakfast and lunch every day. They don’t have to do that. We had a photo shoot at Sleepy Hollow Country Club last week, it came out great. [Click here for preview:] That place is amazing, it looks like Downton Abbey. If you ever lose your keys there, you’re f—ed.

Carolyn: I hear you’re in the first scene of the reboot?

Thorsten: Here’s what happened: Jill Larson [Opal] was supposed to be in the first scene with this guy Peter [Cortlandt, Opal’s son]. Something happened and she wasn’t ready. I was just f—king around at the catering table stuffing bagels in my pocket. All of a sudden, someone comes up to me and says, “Can you be ready in three minutes?” I said, “Sure. I’ve got three bagels in a baggie and some bacon, I’m good.” The scene was a [one-way] phone call. When I was done, they said, “Congratulations, you just finished the first scene of the new All My Children!” That hadn’t occurred to me. I was just there to work. But it’s kind of cool that I was in the last scene on TV and I taped the first scene on the web.

Carolyn: Do you look the same on the reboot?

Thorsten: Funny you should ask that. I sat down in the chair the first day and the hairdresser said, “What kind of character are you?” I said, “The best kind.” How about you go look online and find out who I am?

Carolyn: What can you tell me about where the story picks up?

Thorsten: It’s in the future. Originally, I thought it was 15 years in the future so I aged myself 15 years. I’m under contract with Maker’s Mark now. I apologize to anyone tuning in for how old I look. I misunderstood the instructions.

Carolyn (laughs): Seriously, how do they address Kendall not being there? [Alicia Minshew hasn’t signed onto the reboot].

Thorsten: Someone says, “I’m sorry about you and Kendall.” That makes me want to watch: “What happened? Where is she?” I think people will want to tune in to see how we tell the story. In theater, you often know the end of the play but you still go to see how the actors tell the story. In soaps, you don’t know the ending which is cool in its own way. “Hey, you and Kendall aren’t together and your wife may be with someone else.” That informs every scene I do. I care about where we left these people. “Where are they now?” The writers aren’t ignoring past relationships. I’ll jump on that train.

Carolyn: How is the actual filming going?

Thorsten: I’m enjoying it. It’s like guerilla filmmaking. We all have to work together. At ABC it was, “Here’s what we want, we hope you can do it.” Here, we are all holding our breath collectively saying “We can do this!” I feel sorry for all the people not here in the beginning. This is the core. It’s going to be really hard to jump in later.

Carolyn: With Kendall not there, do you have a love interest?

Thorsten: I do, but not on this show.

Carolyn (laughs): How is Susan?

Thorsten: She’s great – I hope she does One Life to Live. [Kaye’s partner Susan Haskell played Marty Saybrooke on OLTL. They have two young daughters.] It would be nice for both of us to work a half hour away. This has been a tough few months for Connecticut. I want to be close to home.

Carolyn: How is Smash going?

Thorsten: Good. I’m filming today in Brooklyn.

Carolyn: I love you and Anjelica Huston together, I wish they would write that relationship more.

Thorsten: Me too. “Why is she with this man?” There’s a lot of story there. I hope it goes for another year. They’re struggling to find what people want to see so they can write it. I say, “Just write the show you want to write.” I tell young people – you know, like myself – that being a chameleon as an actor is hugely overrated. They cut their hair for a role, grow a beard, gain weight. No – just be you. Because the person you’re trying to create, there are already 10,000 of them out there. Be who are you are and be good at that.

Carolyn: You should write a book for young actors.

Thorsten (laughs): Two people would buy it, you and Susan. If you have time, can you find me a publisher who will publish two books?

Carolyn: Sure. Did you have any qualms about doing AMC and Smash simultaneously?

Thorsten: No. AMC is a half hour from my house, and they pay me. I couldn’t not do it. I’ve already embarrassed myself on television. I might as well do it on the Internet.

Carolyn: Has there been any talk of you also playing Patrick Thornhart on OLTL?

Thorsten: That would blow their minds! No, I have enough trouble doing one character. I want to concentrate on Zach and help these guys any way I can. There is a level of respect here that I think is pretty amazing. Prospect Park respected us from the very beginning. That’s worth more to me than being on the #1 TV show. I’ve never had the owners of a company come out and thank the actors after a great scene. I’ll take a pay cut for that.

Carolyn: What do you say to people being negative that the “whole” cast hasn’t signed on?

Thorsten: Don’t worry about the people who aren’t there. Trust that the people who are there can do this. All we need is the opportunity to entertain people. Sometimes when you call up your second string players, they blow it out of the water.

Carolyn: Are you seriously calling yourself second string?

Thorsten: Okay, third string.

Carolyn: Come on!

Thorsten: You’re only as good as the story you’re telling. I was lucky enough to get some good stories.

Carolyn: You’ve had some pretty bad stories over the years too, and you made them all work. You, David Canary, Julia Barr…

Thorsten: All the people who are here now are talented. Stars are made by the people watching. We need to remind the audience that they make the stars. Part of what broke AMC in the end at ABC was that people gave up on it. Prospect Park has our back. It’s nice to be part of something now that has so much possibility. This is the future.


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  • Katrina Sanders says:

    I wish him and Kendall would get back together! Love Thorton…..

  • Mary says:

    I am SO glad AMC is back. I can’t live without my fix. Thorsten is our family’s vote for sexiest AMC hunk. Great sense of humor and life attitude, too!

  • jean says:

    what is michael knight’s status? i have seen nothing about him.

  • Missy says:

    I love that you guys are coming back. I’m nervous on how it’ll work & when I can watch you guys, but I’ll learn… hee hee. Just happy you are coming back Thorsten, since you are my favorite. Love your attitude and of the rest of the cast, PP. BEST OF LUCK to you all, and know that I’ll be watching you and all my AMC friends… we’ve been waiting for this!

  • Cynthia Hampton says:

    I love to hear the positive side of something that was thought to be killed off is springing back to life. I love the thought its on my puter. I love ALL MY CHILDREN…and Thorsten Kaye has been a favorite on that show…I love all the old players and I know I will grow to love the new ones. Soaps are an world wide Institution…and we need to keep some institutions nurtured and supported…in My mind a lot of whats going on in the world can be seen in the Daily programing of soaps. I love them…and hope the writers…write from their hearts…and fill it with thoughtful intellect and Humor. I look forward to being one of millions who will be watching…and enjoying the daily goings on….Love you at ALL MY CHILDREN>>>AND LOVE PROSPECT PARK …I know it will be a great success

  • Donna B says:

    Glad To Hear That A,M,C Is Coming Back On Air..Miss The Show and Was Sad To See It Leave..Glad its Back..Love This Soap My Favorite ..And I Know Since Its Ben So Long And The Kids Growned Up Its Going To Be Hard To Try And Keep Up With Who’s Who..But I Watched It The Whole Times It Was On So it Wont Be That Hard..Love You All Your Soaps Great Glad Your Back..

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    keep it up all the time.

    • Great article . TK is so clever and funny and I am looking forward to seeing what had become a family to those of us that followed that show for years. I know they will make it work and who knows what can happen from there.

  • MomsThoughts says:

    I adore Thorston! I was beyond thrilled to see him on Smash (I am still hoping he knows how to sing and I will get to hear him…I want him to be an amazing singer!) And now to have him back at AMC at the same time….be still my heart! I am so excited about all the good stuff going on with this entire genre! Thank you for the blogs and bringing us all this good background info! xo

  • Gerardo Ramirez says:

    Thank you Carolyn for a great interview with Thorsten.i have high hopes for this new format.We must support our soaps survival!

  • AbbyS. says:

    It’s wonderful to hear Thorsten sound so happy. I’m glad for him and the rest of the cast. I’m still keeping hope alive for Zach and Kendall to be reunited. True supercouples are never really over. Thanks for this interview, Carolyn.

  • Randie Walton says:

    So Excited that AMC and OLTL are back. I’ve missed our stores. Kudos to Thorsten for signing on, you’ve always been a favorite. Great article, thanks for sharing it.

  • KimK says:

    Woohoo!! So happy my favorite shows are coming back. Thank you to all that returned. Can’t wait to watch!!

  • Thanks so much for sharing this interview Carolyn. Thorsten sounds so upbeat and positive, I love it. Cannot wait for AMC 2.0!

  • Jenny Brooks says:

    Thank you for this article! But PLEASE explain in Soap Opera Digest and in as many places as you can-how to watch shows online. I have no idea how to do it.

    • Sharon Jesse says:


      All you have to do is go to and the page should come up with a list of programs. Just go through them until you find what you want.
      Good luck and enjoy your soaps.


  • Anna Blake says:

    Just enjoy the show… I lost a part of my life when AMC went off the air. I grieved for months and I am sooooo happy that it is alive!!!

  • Darlene Scotti says:

    Support the show. Don’t worry about who is not there, they may come on later.
    I can’t wait for it show.

    • Lisa says:

      After SO many of us rallied to keep our shows on, it seems silly for people to fuss about characters who aren’t returning…yet. Just be happy that AMC & OLTL are coming back at all.
      And some folks saying ‘Aren’t they dead?’?!?! Really? haven’t they been watching characters come back to life for DECADES?? I doubt there’s a soap actor of driving age that hasn’t died at least once or that should be serving life for countless covered up murders.
      Many thanks to Prospect for coming through for the hundreds of thousands of us!!!!!!

  • sara marcipan says:

    Can’t wait for the reboot! Yay!

  • Terry says:

    What a great interview!! So glad to hear that PP is treating the actors so well, and respect the genre. Thank you Prospect Park! I agree with Thorsten to not worry about those that are not returning and to trust those that have returned to pull this off. I have trust in both AMC and OLTL, especially under consultation with Agnes Nixon, and I trust PP will not disappoint either. They believe in AMC and OLTL, and that’s huge.

  • Robynne says:

    Great interview! Very happy to hear how well Prospect Park is treating the actors. I think they get us in a way ABC never did. Can’t wait to see Pine Valley (and Llanview) again! 🙂

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  • Val Clarke says:

    What a wonderful article! And how refreshing to hear how connected and supportive Prospect Park is. This has renewed my desire to see AMC as soon as possible. PLEASE make sure it is available in Canada too! I’ve watched for over 40 years, and don’t want to miss ANYTHING!!!

    • Troy Turner says:


      The last I checked-Hulu isn’t available in Canada, but ITunes is. Make sure that you let PP know that there are rabid fans up there that want a piece of this-It’s because of everyone that we’re this far along

  • Jewell says:

    Great Blog Carolyn.
    Makes my heart happy to hear how wonderful Prospect is treating the actors..I also love how they hired people that care about the soaps, and are excited about it as much as the fans.

  • Julie says:

    Great interview! Thorsten is so humble. I can’t wait to see what Agnes Nixon and Prospect Park come up with.

    Was really hoping they would pick up where the show left off… with JR’s gun shot. Unrealistic I guess without the full cast. But that was such a cliffhanger, I’m still dangling on the edge.

  • June says:

    Thanks so much Carolyn!! Love this MAHN. He sounds very excited about what is coming up and it warms my heart that these actors are finally getting the respect they deserve from those they work for.

    I do have a bit of heavy heart at the thought that Zach and Kendall are not together.

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