Jumping from one soap to another is a huge risk for an actor. Some, like Stephen Nichols and Kin Shriner, do well on every show.

Others flame out.

Nichols moved pretty effortlessly from Days’ Patch to GH’s Stefan Cassadine, and was catching on as Y&R’s Tucker when the new regime wrote him off. It helped that the three shows are on different networks, there were years in between his portrayals, and the characters all had a brooding similarity. (“Hey, I know that guy!”)

Ditto for Kin Shriner. Of course he will always be GH’s (and PC’s) Scotty, but I also bought him as Texas’ Jeb and ATWT’s Keith. Again, three networks. It’s also handy that Shriner’s characters are always flawed and kind of smirky, so its not a big adjustment.

Genie Francis had a rougher time when she jumped ship, because she was so well established as the sweetheart of GH. Her next role as Diana Colville didn’t catch on, probably because Days fans didn’t like seeing John Black (known as Roman in 1987) with anyone but Marlena. She bounced back to ABC as AMC’s Ceara Connor, but most AMC fans also watched GH back then; it was confusing. Why is Laura suddenly a con artist? And why is she cheating on Luke with Jeremy Hunter?

Don’t even get me started on Francis’s turn on Y&R. Genevieve was married to GH’s Robert Scorpio, sleeping with GH’s Stefan Cassadine, and her betrayal got AMC’s Cliff Warner shot. The poor girl never had a chance.

Ah, Cliff. Peter Bergman may have made the last supremely successful soap hop when he jumped from AMC to Y&R as Jack Abbott in 1989. Is it a coincidence that this was before the Internet?

Steve Burton is the latest star to quit and turn up across town, and he’s got his work cut out for him. Burton played GH’s Jason for 21 years, an eternity for an actor. He was also one-half of three of GH’s most popular romances – Jason fell equally hard for Robin, Liz and Sam. (Okay, four romances if you count Sonny.)

So far, Burton’s Dylan on Y&R is eerily similar to Jason. They both ache for their woman, know how to use a gun, and have half their scenes set to music. Dylan does talk and smile more, though, so Y&R seems to be working on some daylight between him and Jason. It would help if Dylan would laugh or raise his voice, but perhaps that’s coming.

The jury is out on whether Burton will be accepted by fans like Nichols and Shriner, or fare like Francis. Is Jason really, most sincerely dead? Or will he wash up miraculously alive at some future bash on The Haunted Star?

Some fans say Burton’s quick jump from GH to Y&R was all wet.

What do YOU say?


29 Responses to TAINTED DREAMS: The Perils of Soap Hopping

  • tori says:

    Are you kidding,Genie was wonderful as Diana on DOOL and fit in great with all the cast! She was totally believable as Diana Colville a reporter and her and Drake were fantastic as a couple,what show were you watching?! Again as Genevieve Genie was able to spread her wings and play someone fiesty,damaged and exciting and I loved her with Stephen Nichols as Tucker and Tristan Rogers as her ex husband. I’ve loved her in every role,as Laura she’s gotten boring always chasing and whining after Luke – so sick of her going back to GH just to prop AG character.Let Laura grow up into a woman already. Praying the show brings back SN as Stefan Cassadine as I’ve always thought Genie and Stephen had the most chemistry together then any of her other pairings. The Luke/Laura/Scotty storyline is as stale as they come,have Laura become a Cassadine now that would be exciting and her and Stefan can rule over Helena and the rest of the nasty bunch now that I’d watch!

  • Lindsay says:

    Genie did a wonderful job on Y&R and it’s sad that some fans are so closed minded and cannot accept an actor in another role ! I grew to love Genevieve more than Laura !! Genevieve was such a strong , independent women and Genie did an amazing job portraying this character!!

  • Christina says:

    Oh, Carolyn, are you trying to justify Steve Burton as bombing on Y&R as being some sort of Internet thing? There have been TONS of actors who have gone from one show to another, playing completely different characters, who did it very well. They don’t all succeed, but, you know, good actors do. The main problem is that an unfortunate number of tremendously popular soap stars have weak acting skills. Those ones generally can’t adapt as well outside of “their” shows.

  • Carl says:

    Stephen Nichols may have done fine on Days and GH, but let’s not forget his epically un-great performance on the late, lamented Santa Barbara. Actually, let’s try to forget it.

  • charles david haskell says:

    Let’s face it the several actor that you are talking about have a tough battle make their new character come alive with the fan on a differ soap. I still remember when All My Children bring in a new Tina C. Warner. She didn’t work out. The show was forced to bring back the old Tina to play the role.Genie Francis was doom from the start on Young and the Restless. It is no wonder that she didn’t do will on the show. The fan remember her General Hospital. I can’t wait to see what happened when Tainted Dream finally debut on the websites. Good luck to the future.

  • Ilene says:

    I love Steve’s character, Dylan McAvoy, on Y&R. I think he plays Dylan much differently than Jason–he wears his heart on his sleeve, is much more open and I love seeing him smiling and wearing colors rather than all black. I think he’s a great addition to the Y&R cast and has great chemistry with both Avery and Sharon.

    With the addition of Dylan, Y&R has quickly become my favorite soap and has reminded me of why I began watching soaps, especially after the being so disgusted with General Hospital (except for the return of the vets.)

    I wish one or two of my favorite GH stars would also move over to Y&R!

  • Keith Alvarez says:

    I liked Genie on DAYS as Diana. She did a good job in the role. Judi Evans has also successfully soap hopped from GL’s Beth to AW’s Paulina to DAYS’ Adrienne.

  • Cindy says:

    I’ll never understands people who say “it was a slap in the face to the fans for not giving us the details of his work life”. Where the heck people get the idea that any actor has to justify a career move beyond me. They need to get over themselves.

  • Suri says:

    I love Steve Burton on Y&R. I think he adds a new touch to the old and tired Sharon/Adam story line. I think fans are being way too hard on him. We don’t own these actors. If he wasn’t happy at GH, I’m glad he was able to find work on another soap so quickly. I feel that way about all soap actors.

  • Yvonne says:

    Soap hopping is a daytime staple. Sad their is only 4 remaining on network Television. I would love to see Michelle Stafford do a soap hop. She has been neglected to clean up hitter instead of leading stories. I love SBu and hope he is not forever stuck in twilight of Sharon and Avery.

  • Sunnee Shaw says:

    For one thing I am not hating on SBu, it was made uncomfortable for him at GH so he left. Y&R may not be his cup of tea. There are a lot of handsome men at Y&R and ladies who can actually act(and dont need anyone to imp them<Liz(GH). To me he seems to be a little out of his element over there. Most of the ladies or paired/have been paired with someone. Most of the fans are Sharon and Adam lovers. Avery seems much older than he is. they need to perk the show up and get Phyllis back in there.

    Jason(GH) did not fall equally for Robin,Liz and Sam. Why the hell do you folks keep pimping Liz.Thats is not try Liz do not count at all. How the hell can you compare Liz to what Jason had with Robin and definitely not with Sam. That some bull you figure to throw out there and it might get by. At the most they were good friends. He never had the passion for Liz and no one else has but Lucky.
    In order for SBu to make it over there he has to get a partner(unlike Liz)to make it pop. He needs someone who he has chemistry with and until than he can try to make it interesting.

  • marcia says:

    in many ways, we were better off before the internet, when Peter Bergman joined Y&R. That was hard for me because I saw him start out on AMC but Lordy, he has definitely made that role his and nobody else’s. Poor Dylan on Y&R done met Sharon, so his romantic life is doomed, Avery or no Avery. Someone just cut Sharon’s head open and fix whatever is in there, she just has to have a man, any man with two legs and open ears.

    I read your FB page every day and that makes me a hypocrite because I did enjoy soaps more before I had so much information but, if the information is out there, I have to have it. Besides, it’s fun.

    I may be in the minority, but I like Avery. Yes, I could do with a little less of her and Sharon both. Where the hell is Phyllis????? Can’t we at least get Jack Abbott a bed in his house? We got a whole new Newman ranch and Jack still doesn’t have a visible bedroom. Quit that. Please.

  • Rebecca says:

    I think it works best when the characters are very different. Steve (DOOL) and Stefan (GH) couldn’t be more different. A testament to the awesomeness that is Stephen Nicols. Belle (DOOL) and Maxie (GH) as well — and Kirsten Storms had HUGE shoes to fill. Michael Easton also went from villain to hero and is outstanding as both, which fans are witnessing now.

  • Beth G says:

    Funny, I recorded Y&R yesterday just to see him and I’d have to agree with you. While I loved him as Jason, I just don’t think he is that good an actor. While “Dylan” was wearing a collared shirt, I really didn’t see another character. As well, I saw him in that movie with James Gandolfini–it was just Jason in a prison guard uniform. I wish him luck, and did enjoy him as Jason, I guess time will tell. Sarah Brown did a great job during all her “hopping”–“Claudia” was certainly different than “Carly”. And Kin, well he is just great–comic timing and all.

  • Tee Poplion says:

    I was not a fan of Genie’s run on AMC. It wasn’t the character but the fact that they watered down Ceara and changed her so much towards the end. And wasn’t she killed off once Jeremy went to Loving? I am still a tad traumatized by the Erica Kane/”Laura Spencer” cat fight!
    I do miss Steve and hope he eventually comes back to GH. He left for his own personal reasons but I wish he had been more upfront with fans. We never know what is really going on behind the scenes but after all that time on GH and him leaving when the show was really good, it just seemed like a slap in the face to his fans.

  • John says:

    Genie never stood a chance in any other role ! As far as Mr. Burton – his transition I believe will prove to be just as difficult as he is associated with such an iconic character !

  • Susan Franklin says:

    I think SB is doing a wonderful job on YR and quite successfully I might add. Steve has chemistry with every single actor that he has worked with -male and female. It’s so good to see him smiling and laughing. I loved him as Jason-but as things are-SB felt it was time to move on. I thank him for all his hard and long work on GH -and I thank him for all the long and hard work he will give us on Y&R. I am a fan of the actor-and I will support him in whatever he does.

  • Kathie G says:

    Be grateful, soap fans, that you can see your favorites jumping back and forth from one TV soap to another. The few ATWT actors who made the jump are no where to be found now. I’d love to see my favorites on any other show as any other character.

  • Angela says:

    I think what Steve Burton did to his fans was a huge slap in the face. He stated his reasons for leaving, his move to Nashville, wanting to spend more time with his family etc., etc.. Then he shows up 1 month later on Y&R and we find out that this was in the works, when he left. He lied. Period. He spit in his fans faces and GH, the show that made him. He went to Y&R on the edge of the 50th anniversary of the show that made his career. I think that he should have been upfront and truthful. Not b.s. us the way he did. Nobody would have said a word had he said he just didn’t want to play the paet of Jason any longer. I wish him well but I am no longer a fan Jill Farren Phelps can keep her boy.

  • Cece says:

    Its hard to judge Steve on Y&R because the writing is so bad. Soaps are all about the writing so you can have the BEST actor from movies or TV and if the writing isn’t there than it doesn’t matter. Just look at how good GH is now because of Ron and Frank – enough said.

  • Dawn L says:

    Steve Burton is doing a wonderful job on Y&R. He’s come on to the canvas and it seems like he’s been there for years. Steve have amazing chemistry with everyone he’s had scenes with and his introduction into Genoa City has not been forced at all. Great job by Burton and TPTB at Y&R. Also, I was a huge Jason Morgan fan and IMO you’re wrong. I see no similarities between Jason Morgan and Dylan McAvoy. Dylan stands on his own and I’m excited to see where this character goes. Kudos to Mr. Burton. 🙂

  • Maryann Kulbus says:

    I hated that Steve left GH for Y & R but I did not realize that he was there 21 yrs. Boy time flies!! I won’t watch him on Y&R because I hate it…If I didn’t watch it for Stephen Nichols I won’t watch it for anyone else.
    I am hoping he will come back on GH.You never know and that is why they didn’t find a body.

  • Shelley says:

    I think that most loyal GH fans felt much more betrayed by Steve Burton’s soap hop thn him actually leaving GH. He had all kinds of nashville and family reasons for leaving and you had to respect it, I knew we would see him act again somewhere. But to have had this in the works the whole time is just… Gh is fighting so hard to survive as the last soap on abc and he jumped ship. Just my opinion…

  • Cindy says:

    I’d add Kelly Monaco (from PC to GH) and Kirsten Storms (DAYS to GH) to the list of successful soap hoppers. As for Burton, never cared for him or his character, but wish him well on Y&R. I think he has a loyal fan base that will follow him and, while it might take some time to adjust, he will settle into the role and people will begin accepting him as his new character. Time is what it’s going to take.

  • lasha220022 says:

    Do NOT miss Jason on GH …congrats to Y&R please KEEP HIM 🙂

  • BETTYEJ says:

    I don’t care for the character at all. What are the new head writer and Producer trying to do?Make this into General Hasbeen? Enough already!

  • Sara S says:

    All I know is I enjoy seeing Steve Burton smile and not wearing black all the time!! I like his character so far, just do not like he is so caught up with Avery (not a fan of that character particularly). Should be interesting to see where his character goes.

  • Jennifer Huelsebusch says:

    I am still a huge Jason fan and will hold on to the fact that his body was never found until Steve Burton is back on GH! However, I also watch Y & R and like his character so far. Maybe because it is Jason but he smiles and wears more than a black tshirt! I am OK with that. 🙂 Not sure how I will feel if he hooks up with crazy Sharon though!

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