A good soap story takes months, even years to tell. Imagine if the entire eight years that Victor was Todd on OLTL, fans had known that Todd was alive and being held prisoner. Where’s the (pardon the expression) journey? That would be like reading the end of the book first!

Consider the reveal that GH’s Duke was really Faison under that mask. Some fans went mental when “Duke” killed Jason, which wasn’t the story GH was telling at all. The smart ones watched the show, picked up on the clues GH was putting down (why is “Duke” smoking?), and even guessed it was Faison before he revealed himself to Robin in that stunning cliffhanger. Anyone who says they stopped watching because “Duke” would never kill Jason missed the whole story. Where’s the fun in that?

I would say the same thing to anyone complaining about the vampire story on GH. Are you sure that’s what it is? Because I’m not. Just take a stab at watching the show, sniff out the clues, and enjoy the bloody story. Ha!

The same goes for Nikki hiding her illness from Victor on Y&R, Kristen’s uphill climb to the altar with Brady on DAYS, and Steffy’s secret pregnancy on B&B. Do you really want to know now that Steffy will give birth in a gondola in seven months? (Okay, I made that up… but that would be funny.)

Since Tainted Dreams is a show-within-a-show, there will be two sets of storylines going on: The one being filmed, and the one behind the scenes. Both will focus on the journey, not the destination, like all good soap operas.

Because if the stories ever truly get resolved, the show is over – and nobody wants that!

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  • Virginia says:

    I have to admit that I complained about the Vampire story line at first,but after watching & getting to know these new old charicters,I sort of enjoyed it.I love a smart a**,and thats what Kaleb was.I said I liked the new old characters,because I never watched PC.I remembered Lucy & Kevin,but No clue about the others.I was a big fan of the Luke & Laura/Frisco & Felicia era.but after Sonny came to town & it became all about the mob,I stopped watching,untill they braught some of my favorites from OLTL.over but I have to admit I didn’t for about a month.I was mad they killed off Hope.But it was a very sad world without soaps.So I broke down and gave it a chance.So happy most if not all mob stuff is gone,and with the return of the older characters blended with OLTL characters,it’s starting to feel even more like an old friend.Wouldn’t want them to change a thing,except maybe give Starr back her Hope.

  • Maria says:

    Totally agree with you Alice. I am beyond tired of all the bloggers belittling the fans because we dare to complain about story lines. Guess what we don’t give a rat’s rear what you guys have to say. This vampire story that’s not really a vampire story but sure does look like a vampire story blows chunks. I doubt many of us believed Caleb was going to turn out to be a vampire. Yet the writers keep moving him in that direction. Guess what we are smart enough to figure out the clues…We’re also smart enough to know what’s good storytelling and what sucks.

    So you say if the stories ever truly get resolved, the show is over…True..but if the fans stop complaining that means no one is watching – and nobody wants that …do they Carolyn.

    • Ilene says:

      I find the Caleb (I wanna be a vampire) Morley story tedious at best BUT I’d take two non-vampire s/l’s in exchange for the Kate/Connie/DID storyline. I think viewers can put up with tedious or annoying storiylines if they are not dragged on too long. The vampire story has been silly, but at least it’s ending in a short period of time. This Kate/Connie nonsense has been going on much too long.

      Why should viewers be scolded because they don’t like a story? When there is a plethora of bad feedback, isn’t it the headwriter’s responsibility to bring a bad story to a conclusion and move on to something the viewers will want to watch? I don’t think the writers should say “my way or the highway” to the viewers upon whom their jobs depend just because he/she enjoys writing that kind of story.

      General Hospital is not Port Charles or One Life To Live and in my opinion, it is not more like the old GH than before.

      I cannot wait for Tainted Dreams to begin. I hope it is a fresh new story that does not borrow vampires and crazy characters from other soaps. Hopefully it will have it’s own characters that we can embrace. JMO

  • Kathy smith says:

    I love the story within the story. I am a vamp lover from way back. PC had the whole twilight thing happening before pattinson was even heard of. I like that my favorites are back!

  • Danielle says:

    Ha!! Steffy giving birth in a gondola! Hilarious!

  • Alice says:

    I’m really tired of being told HOW to watch a show. Telling fans to STFU and watch the story unfold is insulting and unprofessional. The “vampire” story may not end up being a vampire story but that’s what I see NOW. I don’t find watching policemen getting stab and the guy licking the weapon as appealing OR belonging on GH. Bad enough we have the OLTL characters but now this.

    I totally get the “watch the story unfold”. But guess what Carolyn, sometimes a fan doesn’t WANT to see certain stories unfold no matter how they end. Doesn’t mean they deserve to be chastised about it.

    • In that case, don’t watch the show. I, personally, love the outrageous quality of soap operas to be “all things”. If you are a fan of GH (or OLTL for that matter) you will know that the show has always pushed the envelope near the “supernatural” edge – freezing the world, alien pals for little girls, vampires on the other side of town. I think Carolyn is just urging us to remember that all serial drama unfolds and we never know where it’s going to go. GH is firing on all cylinders now and many of us viewers believe it is “more GH” now than it has been in many years. I say bring on the history – even if it involves freezing weather machines and angels and aliens.

    • Vicky says:

      Sorry you feel that way, Alice. Maybe you shouldn’t be watching soaps, since they almost always give us stories we don’t like. The whole point of soaps is that they evolve and change over time. I hated the “Chelsea’s screwing up Billie and Victoria” story and made myself watch it because of Melissa Claire Egan (I loved her as “Crazy Annie” on AMC) (ok, sometimes I FF’d). I was pleasantly surprised when the story did a 90 and she was paired with Adam! It was worth the earlier teeth grinding!

      As for the PC connection, I was an original viewer and still have many episodes on video tape, even though I am in no way a “vampire” fan. The stories were told so well that I saw past the silliness and just enjoyed the characters and the stories. I followed Michael Easton to One Life To Live and watched that to the end. Whether you like the story or not, you ought to be grateful that GH has a head writer that LOVES and RESPECTS our soaps AND their viewers. Not all have been so lucky.

  • Matt says:

    I totally agree with what your saying! Also I just want to add I think GH is smart using PC history, of course Lucy would stab John McBain if she saw him he looks like Caleb! GH wanted fans to watch its spin off & after it got canceled it was like oh well nobody watched it anyways lets forget it happened. Expect they spun off Lucy, Kevin, Scott, Gail, Lee, & Sierra popular GH characters & then never talked about them again?! I love they are using the PC history & bringing back fan faves. GH is finally looking like GH again & I love it! Fans should sit back take a deep breath & enjoy the ride I know I am!

    • Cinzia1212 says:

      I love how the stories are all intertwining and overlapping and unfolding. Love it. It’s a Soap Opera again. I love that the MOb isn’t the central focus of the show as it has been in the past. I love the history of General Hospital! Nice that the writers and characters are reminding us of the history.
      I love having the OLTL characters on GH as well. I really would like to see Starr have more to do now that she is part owner of the club.

      • Sara says:

        I agree with you. I think anyone who watches the show is entitled to their opinion, whether they like the story or not, as long as we all keep watching! Not every story is going to please everyone. But the point is, it’s a soap opera. Soaps have always been somewhat campy and have had far-fetched story-lines, so I don’t see why people are getting so worked up over the vampire stuff.
        I was a fan of PC, and although I’m on the fence about bringing Caleb back to life, I still enjoy watching Michael Easton play that part and I love having Lucy and Kevin back. I’m just sorry Allison got killed off. I was hoping Rafe (senior) would surprise us all by coming back to help off Caleb, or Stephen, whoever he really is…so I’m disappointed that didn’t happen, but that’s ok. It’s just a show! Something else will happen to make me happy, and other stuff will happen that won’t make me happy. But I will keep watching!

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