Tainted Dreams creator Sonia Blangiardo has been named Supervising Producer of All My Children, coming this spring from Prospect Park. “I am so excited to go back to my AMC roots with this talented group of people,” enthuses Blangiardo in an exclusive statement to… her own website, NYC BRAND PRODUCTIONS. “Ginger Smith has some big plans, which long-time fans are going to love.”

Rumors abound that those plans include adding Susan Lucci (Erica), Julia Barr (Brooke) and David Canary (Adam) to the show for varying length stints, but we’re all going to have to watch the first episode to see if that’s true. I tried to confirm it, but in an ironic twist that soap fans will appreciate, Sonia is keeping mum about the cast in her new role as AMC Supervising Producer.

Even for her own site. So all I can say is, stay tuned!

What are YOU most interested in seeing on the AMC reboot? Write your comments below! Personally, I’m looking forward to exploring where Zach and Kendall are a few years later (assuming AMC can come to terms with Alicia Minshew), and what’s up with Angie and Jesse. I hope Angie’s running the hospital, Jesse’s the police chief, and all their conflict comes from butting heads about their work. That’s one solid couple I want to see tackling Pine Valley’s problems together.

As for Jesse’s best friend Tad, Michael E. Knight told Soap Opera Digest this week, “I didn’t say no, I just said, ‘I can’t do it right now.’ I love the fact that the interest is there and I firmly believe Tad is going to be walking through Pine Valley.” As fans know, Knight moved to LA when AMC relocated to the west coast. Moving across the country again to Connecticut is a big commitment, so my hunch is that he’ll do “drop-ins” as storyline warrants. With Cady McClain (Dixie) and Jill Larson (Opal) committed to working full-time, a little Tad could go a long way – as long as they don’t ask him to put on that chicken suit.

“We won’t,” laughs Blangiardo. Congrats!

21 Responses to BREAKING NEWS! TAINTED DREAMS: Exciting Announcement!

  • DR says:

    Really want Alicia Minshew, Rebecca Budig, and Cameron Mathison back. They were the reason I kept watching!

  • Alexandra says:

    WHERE IS CHRISTINA B LIND AND SARAH GLENDENING?? Common fans want MINX back too ): ):

  • Sam says:

    I’m very happy to see AMC back and all my favorite characters brought to life again by my favorite actors. I’d love to eventually see all of them back. Those that are a must for me are, Kendall, Zach, Bianca, Marissa, Erica (even if reoccurring), Adam, Jake, Amanda, Opal, Krystal, Tad, Madison, Scott and Greenlee. Of course I’d love Janet from another planet too.

  • Anne says:

    I miss all my favorites. Jackson, Ericka, Tad, Adam, All the characters are great – its the humor and irreverence that I so enjoyed about AMC. I really like a story with some humor and ability to laugh at itself and each other. I also like a good cliffhanger… so as long as those elements are still there, I will be happy to see any and all of my favorite characters. There have been SO many over the years!!!!

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  • Andrea says:

    Hope we see lots of the vets like Julia Barr, Cady McClain, and Debbi Morgan. I do not want a show with all teens please 🙂

    • Jody says:

      Hey Andrea. Angie and Jesse with David Hayward will be on All My Children and so will Opal and Zach. Brooke has Signed Up for All My Children. David Canary will be on All My Children on an On going Basis. Adam will be there. Marian said that there will be Wonderful Surprises so maybe She will be on there and I Presume that Means Stuart will be on There. We may get Dixie. The Only Teen that They have Recast is Miranda. Miranda will be Played by Jordan Price. They are Planning on Recasting AJ. They will Recast Petey. There will be A Lot of Storylines that have to do with The Hospital. There is One Storyline that will have Jesse and Zach Working Together. Therefore, All My Children Will NOT be All Teens. Jody

  • Jay says:

    I’m with you Carolyn. I can’t wait to see Debbi Morgan & Darnell Williams return to All My Children. Their reunion brought me back to AMC in ’08, and they never disappointed.

    I am also looking forward to upcoming stories with the Castillos. Lindsay Hartley & Jordi Vilasuso’s sibling relationship was one of the best I’ve seen portrayed on soaps. I think it will be something to see how Uncle Griffin is dealing with having a little niece or nephew sired by his favorite person on earth. Cara will have her hands full…

    To be honest, I could write the name of any AMC actor or character here, and write a paragraph about why I am excited that they are back, because I love the show and all of the talented individuals associated with its relaunch. All My Children was firing on all cylinders before it exited with a bang. I trust that it will start right back up just the same, and prove that your mantra — Soaps Still Matter — is right on target.

  • AnnieZ says:

    YAWN! So tired of only reading about the AMC/OLTL re-boot here. I’m not going to watch (if it ever actually happens), so don’t care to read about it. Write about stuff actually on the air please.

    • Jody says:

      Hey Annie. This Thread is about All My Children or maybe Prospect Park. All My Children IS Taping on Monday so It is going to Happen. The Fans are Very Excited so that is what They are Talking about. Now, we can’t watch All My Children until April, but we can find out who will be on the Show or what kind of Storylines they will have. Jody

    • Sandra Williams says:

      This has been a long time coming. Everyone is very excited to have their favorite soaps available again. Don’t be a spoilsport. If you don’t want to read about it, just scroll over to what you do want to read. That way everyone is happy! I for one am ecstatic!!!

  • AbbyS. says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing my Pine Valley favorites again. Jesse and Angie are two of my faves and I’m glad to see the Hubbards are back. I’m hopeful we will see Alicia Minshew again. I want Zach and Kendall’s story to continue with their boys. I’m even interested in seeing what happened to David, Cara and their baby. Everything sounds very promising and I hope this version will be successful.

  • Randy says:

    Great news. I am hoping that Michael Knight eventually signs and would love to see Crystal too.

  • Erin says:

    Wow, congrats to Sonia on her new position. I read the SOD article where her dream in HS was to work for AMC and she did so after college. It must be exciting to be back to work on the reboot and to be working on Tainted Dreams.

    I am looking foward to the return of AMC, I am sure over time they will work in many of our favorite actors. Let’s not forget many moved to California and PP just got the money to reboot in January. Actors had to move on, it is not like OLTL where they moved to GH. I think it may take time for actors to free up shedules to return.

    BTW, any news Carolyn about OLTL and McBain, Todd and Starr coming back?

  • Debbie says:

    I can’t wait to see it come back. I personally don’t care if the old actors sign or not. This was a job for them & when you have a family to take care of in the reality world even you would have to move on & find that next job after all family first. They may even like their new job better than what they were doing on either show when in fact they were ending the show.
    So with that said I am greatful my shows are coming back on. Once the I am watching I will actually believe that they did come back. Have a great day & never give up. Be glad for we are about to get & sing your highest praises. Never put the shows down because you don’t like where it started at or where it is going because they can & will be taken away again in a blink of an eye.

  • Chris says:

    I’m very excited for the return. I’m hoping Alicia Minshew signs on, I just can’t see Zach with anyone else but her. I was, and still am, a huge Ryan & Greenlee fan. Cameron & Rebecca have amazing chemistry. So please try to get Rebecca to sign on & when Cameron becomes free, then him aswell. Jennifer Bassey & Kate Collins would be hillarious to have on the show again. I am not a fan of the 5 year jump, it’s already been about a year 1/2 since the show ended & that’s enough time to explain change in Pine Valley. All in all, I’m just happy All My Children is returning. Thank You Prospect Park for listening to the Fans!

    • Jody says:

      Hey Chris. Josh Duhamel and Rebecca Budig have the Amazing Chemistry. That is Leo and Greenlee. Ryan and Greenlee make Good Friends, but I don’t think They should be In A Romantic Relationship. Jody

  • Robynne says:

    I am excited for this to return! I also don’t mind not knowing exactly who will be back when, it builds the suspense for me. I know others really want to know though!
    Did she say anything about the timing? I have heard multiple amounts of time will have passed from different sources – and they are all over the place. Do you know if this 5 year jump is for real Carolyn?

    • Jody says:

      Yes, Prospect Park will have SORASED Miranda, AJ and the Other Children. Miranda and AJ will be A Couple and They will be around 16 or 17 Years Old. Prospect Park has Recasted Miranda and I think her Name is Jordan Price. Jody

  • Jewell says:

    I don’t like the 5 year jump, I want to know who JR shot and Hayward said there was another women he was hiding, fans are thinking Babe. I know there are tons of Zach and Kendall fans but I actually liked Kendall with Griffin and I want Bobbie Eakes to sign on, I want Krystal to hook up with Jackson.

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