It takes a lot of time, effort and money to launch a new soap opera. Sonia Blangiardo spent over a year securing investors, hiring a writer, honing the scripts and then reaching out to the exact right actor for each role on Tainted Dreams. Now that the casting is falling into place, Sonia has been scouting locations and focusing on wardrobe, hair, makeup, scheduling, etc. And TD doesn’t even film until May.


I tell you this because it may take Prospect Park longer to bring All My Children and One Life to Live to your computer screens than you – and they – think.


And despite the fact that press releases have gone out announcing the casts, contracts have not been signed. Here’s Llanview Queen Erika Slezak this week: “I am pleased to officially announce that, pending the final contract, I am joining the revival of One Life to Live.” Clearly the intent is there, but without a signed contract, anything can happen. (Note: Slezak is not the only big name announced that does not have a signed contract.)


Slezak went on to say, “We expect to begin production near the middle of March.” That means sets, costumes and scripts will have to be finalized in six weeks, which is a super human effort. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but I’ve spent 20 years on soap sets and I’m here to tell you it’s going to be a challenge – especially since AMC and OLTL are taping in Connecticut , where it will be harder to get skilled television workers than it was in NYC.


Time will tell. And if it’s a little longer time than we want, hey – we’re soap fans. We’re used to being patient!


One thing we don’t have to wait for is the return of Smash on Tuesday, February 5 at 9:00 PM EST, starring our beloved pal Thorsten Kaye. “I’m on the first four episodes,” he tells me. A plot twist will send his character, Nick, away for a few episodes. “But don’t worry,” he winks, “I come back.”


I guess we’ll have to patient there, too… speaking of which, check back here Monday for some exciting AMC news.


Like I said: Patience!

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