Erika Slezak (Viki), Robin Strasser (Dorian) and Bob Woods (Bo) were added to the list of actors joining the OLTL reboot this week, which is great news for Llanview lovers.

Since AMC and OLTL are going to be a half hour on the Internet, that means fewer actors will be needed to tell story. It bodes very well for OLTL that they have chosen to focus on such big names.

There are a lot of rumors out there about the characters of Todd, Starr and John McBain. I suppose Prospect Park could insist that ABC include those characters when leasing them back for the OLTL reboot, but they would not be played by Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson and Michael Easton. Those actors are under long-term contract to ABC Daytime.

I saw some comments on the Internet about how those actors “owe” it to OLTL to quit GH and go with the reboot. That makes no sense. Not only would they be taking a paycut (half hour show vs. an hour show), but they would have to leave LA and go work in Connecticut . Never mind that all three actors are all legally contracted to ABC.

PP is too smart to think they could recast Todd, Starr or John, so what makes sense to me is ABC lending them short-term from GH to OLTL in order to 1) draw eyeballs and 2) create good will with fans – assuming the story makes sense and the actors are up to it. PP needs GH fans on board, and we all know this is one fan base you do not want anger!

I’m also guessing that the reason we haven’t heard about people like Hillary B. Smith (Nora) signing with OLTL is because they are committed to other Internet soaps, and that may be a conflict. It may even affect some of the names attached to TAINTED DREAMS. This is all uncharted territory, and must be figured out. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing my favorite actors on EVERY Internet soap, but that’s up to PP to work out with the other projects.

Regardless of how it shakes out, there is tons of interest in AMC, OLTL, GH and all soaps in general – both TV and Internet – and that is only good for our industry. I bet Oprah is kicking herself now that soap fans have proven they can yell loud enough and long enough to resurrect two “canceled” soap operas.

Because soaps have the kind of huge, loyal fan base that Oprah can only DREAM about.

4 Responses to TAINTED DREAMS: Chugging Along

  • Liz says:

    This is a very valid point! Oprah could have drawn quite a helpful fan base if she had chosen to pick up the two soaps. Something she should watch and bear in mind in the future, since OWN appears to be struggling in ratings.

    I really do enjoy the three characters on GH, and now that they have moved on in storyline, I wonder how necessary they even are? They have all moved to Port Charles, and for soap viewers, it would be a challenge to have them go back to Llanview and leave. Best to have a few guest appearances, dealing with Liam, or wrapping up Todd’s storylines, in stories that linked both shows. That would be the only draw for a non OLTL fan like myself to turn in and see what’s happening.

    • Troy Turner says:

      I wish people would forget about Oprah-she’s too busy protecting her cronies. As much as I agree with your statement, she’s not going to change her mind

      • Pat says:

        I’m happy with Oprah not changing her mind, it’s too late. She claimed for decades she was a soap fan, loved the ABC soaps. Then when given a chance to show OLTL, AMC she said No. She betrayed the shows of which she claimed she was a fan. Worse she betrayed the fans, so many of whom were fans of hers also. I used to be a fan of hers. Now she is not a blip on my radar.

  • P.J. says:

    Thanks for some words of reason. It´s been unbearable watching all the rumors flying around since last week.

    The characters of Todd, Starr and John dominated the news flow pretty much. However, their lives had moved on in PC. GH kept OLTL alive in our minds, whether you liked the stories or not.
    I personally like the way the characters had been written into GH story lines and I`d very much appreciate to let them be where they are right now.

    The OLTL cast list looks great and I assume that they will be able to tell awesome stories (even without the TRIO in question) until a reasonable solution in favor of the actors will be found.

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